Why Parent Drove 5 Hours for 24 Minutes of Play

December 13, 2010 at 9:01 am | Posted in Self Esteem | Leave a comment
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SO yesterday was one of those days as a sport parent that really was awful.  I had to drive from my house in pouring snow or snowing rain for THREE HOURS!!! To end up being late for my ten year old daughter’s ice hockey game.  She played two out of three periods.  Then I had to drive back in plain old pouring rain, only two hours this time.  And my daughter’s team lost- again.  By just one point.  Heart breaker for sure.

But the thing is, I was so into getting her there and so was she.  She got herself completely dressed- including skates tied up- while staying in her seatbelt as we drove.  No small feat when we’re talking hockey equipment!  And a dad ran out in the pouring rain to carry her in so she could get in the game ASAP!

Did she ever play her heart out!  The whole team was doing the same! We had two kids who had been sick all week- the goalie being one of them.  But they put aside all of that, gathered their soul energy and dug just a little deeper to really be their best.

We had back-to-back games Saturday and Sunday with the two toughest teams in the league.  And we haven’t been a very hot team this year.  But these two games every player moved up, grabbed at their highest levels of play and it really showed.

Both games were very similar- We held them off for the first period. Second period there was some scoring by both teams.  And third period the other team got the winning goal.

So do you wonder why I spent my day racing around in horrible driving conditions? It’s really simple.  When I see my kids and their friends put that “WOW POWER” into what they do I know it’s a good thing.

There is something that is intrinsically and deeply wonderful for kids to have the chance to get totally into a sport.  There is the integration of the physical and cognitive for sure-  That means body and brain working together.

And while that is all good, there is something deeper. This gets to the kids real deep soul/spirit.  When your kids have the chance to go to their deepest and best, they know they are truly valuable.  There is no question about them feeling good about their efforts, their energy, themselves.  They know.

This team came off that ice thrilled with themselves.  Of course they were disappointed to have lost once again, but they knew they had played their own personal best.  And I think they were able to actually understand what they as a team and what they as individuals had done to play so well and to know their mistakes.  They held their own and weren’t slaughtered.

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