How to bring a moment of peace to your parenting

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Hi there ,

It’s Motivational Monday once again.
Last week I asked you to focus on your
own personal peace and honor.

How’d it go?

Were you able to find any peace?
Could you honor that peace?

It’s often hard to find the way to honor yourself when you
are a busy parent.

I do want you to remember that you can take moments.
You need to start just like your children,
with baby steps.

This week I want to suggest you say out loud-
twice a day- “I honor my peace.”

You can start in the bathroom with the shower
running, where no one can hear you.
Or outdoors where you are free also.

Then let your self really feel peace,
take a deep breath,
either close your eyes
or look at something that
seems peaceful to you,
and let the flow of peace
come over your whole being.

As you begin to practice this
you will be able to let this
flow of peace happen
whenever and wherever
you need it.

You have the control of your peace.
It is not elusive.
It is yours to create and manifest
as you desire.

Again, this week I want you to
stay with peace and honor.

Build this into a part of your
parenting. Let your
peace be free to come to you.

You need this peace to be able to
raise your children with self-esteem
and calmness
and stop the stress
that burns you up at night.

Get it in the day and you can also bring
your peace into your nights when
you lie awake wondering if you have made
the right decisions.

Have a great day, and
Parent with Passion, Purpose, and Integrity,



Motivational Monday-How Can You Bring Spirituality to Parenting?

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Here we are in the midst of the hectic life of being a mother/father.  If you are like me, you have days filled with basic activites-teeth, hair, beds made, meals, meals, meals, meals, shopping, homework, driving to and from, hurt knees, hurt feelings, squabbling, and all that fills every minute of the day. Not to mention any of the other tasks and duties that are not directly related to parenting.

You have certainly heard find the time, get up early, stay up late, stop doing something so you can spend time being spiritual, make a routine of it.  And guess what happens?  Refer to paragraph one to know what happens if you aren’t sure.  Who are they kidding? We just can’t add spirituality in.  It is not essential or necessary.  It will be interrupted anyway so why try?

Why try?  Who cares?  I do. You do.  We need to find this thing called spirituality.  We need to be able to find that peace and harmony.  With spitituality we can have our self esteem, our energy, our freedom to be our best selves.

So how find this elusive thing called spirituality?

Start with taking five seconds at a time.  You can definately find this much time!  There really is no excuse for this short moment.

In the five seconds you can

  • give thanks,
  • offer courage,
  • feel connected,
  • feel humility,
  • know the universal energy is with you.

With your hands you can bring them together in prayer touching first your thumbs, and along to your pinkies.  Or you can use arm these vairations.  All have straight arms, the palms spread wide twtiching your fingers as you go through the five spiritual parts.  You can have them at your sides, .  You can twist at the waist.  You can reach to the sky.  You can raise your arms up and down at your sides or in front of you-being sure that as you go up your hands are facing up and as you go dowm your hands are facing down.

Your motivation for this week is to find these five seconds.  Let yourself find a few of them every day.  Be clear that this is your five seconds of spirituality.  And let others know how you are doing, what other ways you have of bringing spirituality into your life.  To comment simply click the title of this article and put your thoughts down.  They the ability to inpsire so many.

Are You Thoughtful Enough to Raise Your Children with High Self Esteem?

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Today is Thoughtful Thursday.  Are you actually being thoughtful enough to be raising your kids with high self esteem?

I don’t want to get you confused and stressed, but most parents who are trying to bring high self-esteem into their houses are actually bringing in something that has no resemblance to self-esteem.

Most parents are teaching their children to compete against an external standard. Rather than help their children achieve their personal best, they are actually measuring them against a standard set out by some collective social norm.

How can you tell the difference?

Be thoughtful of the way yourself think about success, achievement, and acceptable completion of projects.

If you pay attention to how your child starts and how your child finishes, what the process is your child is using, rather than have any notion that there is a standard, that it is necessary to compare, then you are bringing in high self-esteem.

But if you are like most parents who compare your kids to any other kids, even with your own kids, you could be sabotaging your kids self-esteem.

Maybe it is no big deal to you, but it should be. I have seen way too many children who have seem to have fine self-esteem as kids crash as teens or adults.

They do not have an inner strength to be able to withstand the outside social pressures.

Have a Thursday filled with thought,


PS:  Are you holding back because of your own lack of self-esteem?  Seems to me you shouldn’t really want to repeat the pattern.

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