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I know it has been
just about forever since
I last really wrote here.

I have been just plain out

You may know that I have
children who compete in skiing.

And this year was a bananza of a year.

Competitions every weekend,
many weekdays, and
still a few more in the future.
(Plus daily training)

Yes there is still snow up here in NH,
but days like this have it melting
like crazy.

the important thing is that
I am back to support you.

The first thing I am going to
do is resume my radio show.

Its been a great way
to just get out what is
killing you with parenting.

My next one will be
April 3
from 8:30am to 8:45eastern time.

Yep its really short-
I know you are too busy
to hang out for more than

And it makes the
time much more
energized and
special for you!

The topic?

Law Of Attraction,
spiritual attunement,
and attachment parenting

There is a magical mix with these
three entities.

Here’s the link so you
can call in,
chat in the lounge,
or just be able to listen.


As always the best shows
talk about your
“keep you up
at night worries”.

It’s those things that you
just can’t get away from.

You can email them to me
if you are not ready to
talk out loud.

And what ever you do-
parent with
Passion, Purpose, and Integrity.

I am really looking forward
to getting back with you.

I know it has been hard
for you with me
just gone for so long.

Anyway we are back on track now!


PS: be sure to forward this email
to any friends who you think might
be interested.

PPS: Prize for the first caller-
***Your choice***
30 minutes coaching session

for group of up to ten of your friends


podcast on

Some Unorthodox Potty Training Tips

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Are you in the midst of potty training? Sort of able to get things going, but not really having much luck? Looking for some tried an tested methods from a mom? Then read on.
The first thing I want you to do is relax.
Your child will potty train.

And through the process you can learn some
pretty interesting things about yourself and her.

The next thing I want you to do is to understand this is a

One of the things we have gone to as a society is
looking at the product not the process. In this case
being potty trained rather than the time and effort
involved the training.

But we are human beings, not machines,
so as you go through the process of potty training look for
humor, look for stress, look for understanding,
and look for patience, look for who controls things.

Look for all these in both you and your daughter.
As you go along see what feels right emotionally as
well as what gets the results you want- i.e. pee in the potty.

Now here is what you really want to know about.
The real unorthodox tips for potty training:

Number 1-For any where between one week and four weeks
every two hours you and your daughter go potty at the same time.
This mean you sit on your potty and she sits on hers.

Try to see who can make the tinkle sound first.
Play pat a cake as you wait
Sometimes softly running water helps things along.

Number 2-Have a few potties around the house.
One in each bathroom that will be used. Certainly one on each floor.
I also had one near the bed. With a boot tray under it so that
any spills went onto that.

I also brought the potty around with me for a month
or so. It was just the pee catcher part, not the whole thing.

This is a real out there thing that I did.
I spent a great deal of time in my kitchen so
I had a potty right there.- Sort of near the trash-LOL.

And the kind of potty is also helpful.
The most helpful potty is the old fashioned
wooden kind that folds up and has a tray in front.
I would give my daughters things to do, eat, look at
while sitting on the potty.

These all help your child to know the
feeling of needing to go potty.

Number 3-Be calm about the whole thing.

And reflect if there is any sort of feelings on your part
of her babyhood going away, any kind of emotion
that your baby is going off to preschool already.

These can get in the way of the process of her potty training
and are PERFECTLY natural and normal. Don’t let anyone fool you,
most mommies have these mixed feelings.

Stop Gap to Being an Unmotivated Parent

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Its Motivational Monday and do you have any thing to be motivated about?
There are those days when you just feel like the whole world is against you. From yourself to the very ones you know love you the most.

When these days occur as a parent you can really get stressed and overwhelmed. It seems that you are just going through some motion and it really doesn’t matter if you do much of anything because you just know that it will come out all wrong.

BUT WAIT- there are things for you to do. First, you have got to take just a moment to eat some thing healthy and have a nice drink of plain water, milk, herbal tea. Many times when you are feeling so deprived in your life it is totally associated with not having healthy food intake. And beware all the fake healthy food stuff. If in doubt eat or drink plain fruit, hard cheese, veggies, and drink plain water. Most water that has anything added had stuff that is not really good for you. It’s often just unfizzzy soda!

Now after you take the time for a snack you’ll be starting to get out of “I am not good at anything.”

The next thing I want you to try is to actually read, sing, or play a game with your kids. Even if they are the ones who are putting you in this miserable state, cause you know what? If you didn’t have kids you would be in this miserable state anyway. You would just have another reason. So take some time to read, play, sing, and yes this is with older kids and teens as well. And if you really can’t get yourself to do this, try taking a walk.

Now look at your world, is it truly as horrible as you think? Is everything really against you? OR more likely have you put it together to be this way? Have you put more negatives on things than are reality?

It’s super easy to do. So when you get in the slump of being totally unmotivated, feeling the world is just one anti you, give yourself a kick in the pants and pull yourself up by the bootstraps. And if this persists as in real depression then for goodness sake don’t read this and get some real help.

Bottom line:
GEM Parenting’s Monday Motivation for today:
Check your healthy food intake status, take time to do something relaxing with your kids, and change your attitude or get help to do that.

Have a great day!

Are You Ready For the Parenting Plunge?

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Happy Motivational Monday Grace,

Good Morning,
It is Motivational Monday.

Again already.
Have you taken any time last week to try loving your children?
Did you go into your bathroom even once to regroup?

Well, if you didn’t that’s OK, sort of.
Because here we are again at motivational Monday to start once more.

This week I have an idea. I have a graduation tomorrow. 
One of my clients is graduating.
She emailed me last spring. 
She was really struggling with self-acceptance.
It was affecting her parenting, her interactions with others,
Her self-esteem.
Basically her whole life.

She knew it was time for her to live her own life.
One without fear, stress, anxieties. 
She took the plunge.

She was desperate that her children did not grow up with
a mom who was just not her own best,
a mom who was suffering,
a mom who was unable to do the best for her children,
a mom who had low self-esteem.

She took the plunge.
She decided to change.
She emailed me for an appointment

And six months later she is graduating.
She has a new comfort zone,
She has a new way of self-acceptance.
She has her self-esteem.

For your motivation today I 
CHALLENGE you to take the plunge.

Do something this week
That will change who you are,
How you parent,
How you live for the rest of your life.

Are you ready? It just takes one email to get you started on 
Your journey.

Your journey to inner peace, 
Family pride,
And life changing self-esteem. 

Simply hit reply 
And take the plunge.

No matter what else you do today
parent with passion, purpose, and integrity.


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