Female Octogenarians Caught Playing at the Beach

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OK so to start- what in the world is an octogenarian? It happens to be one of my favorite words. It means a person who is 80. And if you are 80 I think you really do deserve such a fancy and fun name as octogenarian. Anyway, I was out in the water playing dunk my 11 year old daughter. My mother and her cousin were doing their exercises in the waist deep water. Walking, using their arms, and looking solid and strong, and just a bit serious.

Then all of a sudden they began to play catch. They tossed the little orange and black water ball-the new ones for this sumer that “bounce” in the water- And things changed. There was bit of a giggle floating across the water. They began to have just a bit of a bounce in their movements. Then it happened- they let loose and began to splash. These two old ladies- yes my mother and her cousin are old ladies- they splashed each other for all they were worth.

Needless to say I was in utter hysterics, as were many other beach goers. Who ever saw old ladies just let loose and play like that? Not me.

SO after they settled down in their beach chairs, I asked them what it was like to get out there and play like that. “OH, were we playing?” said my mother. “I was just trying to get your mother back for all the times she got me. I thought this might be my best chance ever.” “And was it?” asked my mother. “No- you won again like always.” “And boy was it ever fun!” They both said in unison and burst into that laugh you usually only hear with a couple of 8 year olds.

So at 8 or 80+ the desire to play a physical competition still lingers. My mother wasn’t about to let her “little” cousin get the best of her. And her cousin still longed to win. Bottom line- It was fun.

But how could they still do it? Lots of things. Here’s a few things.
* They still do exercises daily
* They eat healthy- relatively anyway
* They think they can do things
* They love to compete
* They have high self-esteem

So as you do your play or compete formally, know that you may be setting yourself up for an octogenarian all out splash fight in a few years down the line. IF nothing else it will make others have a great ab workout with all the laughing caused by you.

Your Reputation is at Risk

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Do what you are going to do,
its what you do that brings the reputation.

As a mom you really want to have a good reputation.
There is only one way:

Do what is right from your heart.  Pay no heed
to what others think or gossip about you.
Your reputation is irrelevant except
how you think about yourself.

So go ahead-do whatever you do,
don’t worry about if you can do it well.
Cause either you ca or you can’t,
but the doing is the important thing

Use your utmost energy to get enthusiastic,
it makes you more enthusiastic.

When you are enthusiastic as a mom
your kids can only absorb that.
But you must be authentic, if you aren’t
they will just tear you apart.

Be like an enthusiastic puppy- let your whole being
have the positive vibes.

By keeping focused and enthusiastic
you are able to continue
the process of where you are going.
Lose that vision and you get stuck.

This is what happens so often as parents.
We are going along and a snag happens.
We lose site of the goal.
What is the goal?
Bottom line- to love our children
To raise them with natural high self esteem.
And to keep them out of harms way

All to the best of our ability- nothing more or less

Keep an open mind-let knew things in-
learn everyday in some way.
As a parent it is imperative to
be able to let in the new ideas,
thoughts, and actions of your children.

When you hold these out, you are
closing yourself from your children.

In any aspect of life- give your all.
Then you will be able to get what ever you need and want.
You children will learn from this.
They will see that being engaged,
involved, interactive has
rewards far beyond anything else.

And as a parent put everything you have into
raising your kids.  If you screw up,
you want to be sure that you have put in
so much love and caring
it won’t matter either in the end
or as you go along.

Work is not only what you get paid for,
experience is not only what you put on a resume,
but happiness is always in your heart.

Keep that in mind as you go through your days
as a parent.  There is nothing more
important, valuable, or rewarding as being
a parent.

And there is nothing harder, with less value, and
as totally unrewarding as a parent.

The thing to do is pay attention to the
parts that fill your heart with love.

It’s important to find the joy in every aspect of your life.
Have that be the constant in all you do

Soar with your own strength.
Let others soar w/ their strength.
There is enough air for all of us to soar.

When you go for life, you go.
The result is not always what you think
and want it to be,
but it will be great if you put your heart into it.

Life is not about comparing yourself to others,
It’s about being your own unique self.
And being your best self at that.

Have a fantastic Monday and
Parent with passion, purpose, and integrity,


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