Creative Crayon Club: Spring Sports and Children’s Morals

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Creative Crayon Club

This week take time to be unorganized with your child’s sport. If your child plays soccer be a little early for a practice and just kick the ball around for fun. Try going for a walk with a soccer ball that you and your child pass.

Don’t worry if you are not good. The point is to have fun.

Other fun slightly organized games for multiple ages and abilities:

Kick the Can

This is my own all time favorite and it is my family’s fave as well!

What you need:

And old coffee can

(Nowadays you should put duct tape around the top edge, but in my day we just kicked the can till it fell apart)

Space with hiding spots


Players- about 5 at least – 10 is a great number

What you do:

One person is the can kicker

One person is “It”

The others are hiders

It covers eyes.

Can kicker kicks can. Warn kicker to kick it away from It and other children

It counts to twenty (or appropriate number for your group)

Can kicker and other children hide during counting.

It gets can and puts it near jail.

It looks for children.

When It finds someone he/she yells his or her name and races for the can.

The found child races for the can as well.

If It gets to can first found child goes to jail.

If found child gets to can first, he/she kicks can-away from children/jail

and all children in jail go free.

It puts can back and starts again.

If one child is It for too long, then have a drink/snack break, rather than just switching things around.

Enjoy your weekend with the kids!


*Program Alert* Organized Sports and Children’s Morals

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Just a quick not to let you know that I am having a program on Organized Sports and Children’s Moral.

These days it is quite common for our children to be involved in sports-at least one a season.
And let me tell you, there are wonderful aspects of sports.

But there are also parts of these organized sports that simply cause despair and low self-esteem.

That is the side of spring sports we are going to deal with.

Right now, while you are in the thick of it. I am going to talk about:

  • How sports have developed and changed,
  • What benefits there are to organized sports, and most importantly,
  • What to do when your child is suffering from organized sports.

Join GEM Parenting Teleseminar


The program is presented by GEM Parenting Secrets.  It starts at tonight, 4/30/08 at 8:30 p.m. EST / 5:30 p.m. PST. When you join you will receive an action guide and an article along with the opportunity to ask your questions about children sports and moral.

Join GEM Parenting Teleseminar


Love to talk with you later today,

PS, I forgot to mention that I will have a special guest joining me.  Hope you can make it!


Motivational Monday: Spring Sports

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It is great that you are here for Motivational Monday.

These days it is quite common for our children to be involved in sports-at least one a season.  And let me tell you, there are wonderful aspects of sports.  But there are also parts of these organized sports that simply cause despair and low self-esteem.  That is the side of spring sports we are going to deal with.  Right now while you are in the thick of it.

One tip for today:  If your child is feeling inadequate because of other teammates, tell a story of yourself or a grandparent who had a similar experience.  The purpose of the story is to let your child know you understand what they are going through and you are here to help.  We’ll be talking about how to help and what to avoid.  We want sports to be fun, challenging, invigorating, and self-esteem building.

Join us this week for GEM Parenting Secrets to help the rest of the season be a positive and uplifting experience for your child.


Tickle Me Tuesday

Come back to see what other experts have to say about keeping moral high when doing sports.

Wisdom Wednesday

I have four children who are avid sports enthusiasts.  I am the epitome of the sports mom.  My car is a locker room, we have cleats in every size available, snacks are always needed for energy, and my weekends and afternoons are spent running to and from practices and games.  In all of this I have kept a clear vision that sports are fun, challenging, invigorating, and self-esteem building.  I am going to share both personal and professional ideas to help you have good moral from sports in my article.  If you are having trouble with sports now, come back to read the article!

GEM Parenting Secrets this Wednesday

Is at 8:30 eastern, 5:30 pacific

This week’s title is Sports and Good Moral

I will be discussing how sports can and does have tremendous effect on your child’s self-esteem.  We will look at strategies that will alleviate stress and bring the fun back to the sport.  How to have sports increase your child’s self esteem rather than leave your child torn and tattered after every game and practice.

For only $6 you can join this teleseminar and find out the best ways to decrease the negative impact of sports on your children, help them feel satisfied and desire to have fun, be challenged and increase their self-esteem through sports. Have your children learn from sports how to take a difficult situation and turn it into a positive growing experience.  Give both you and your children the courage and peace that comes with doing a job well done.  And best of all you give your family the opportunity to develop high self-esteem and bring out the beautiful Gem that is within each member of your family.

As a registered participant you will have the opportunity to ask your personal questions.  Send them in advance of the teleseminar.  You will benefit you family’s self esteem, increase the joys of being n sports, and decrease the stress involved with having kids who love sports but are being crushed by them.


Thoughtful Thursday

The podcast of Sports and Good Moral becomes available.  This is an audio recording of the teleseminar.  You can purchase the recording if you can’t attend the teleseminar.  The recording can be downloaded to your computer or favorite mp3 player.  This way you can listen to the recording at any time you want.

Sneak Preview for Next Week:  Tame the Teenager- I am the guest expert.

My topic will be Teenage Good Behavior Through High Self-Esteem

Send in your questions, today, so I can be sure to address your personal concerns

Friendly Friday

I call this Friendly Friday because this is the day that I answer questions you have sent in.  So if you have a question I can only answer it if you send it in.  I would urge you to send in the question right now to

Creative Crayon Club                                         

Saturday we have fun activities so you and your family can kick back and relax.  These activities will bring peace and harmony to your home and help increase your family’s self-esteem.

We will also share products and programs that coincide with Spring Sports and Good Moral

Hope you have a great week and we at GEM Parenting can assist you in your journey to parent with passion, purpose, and integrity.  Remember we believe at GEM Parenting, every child is a GEM

Enjoy your week!

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