Does your children changing make you move on?

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Today is monumental for me.

My youngest child is ten today.

This means she is double digits and I am no longer, never will be again, the mother of young children.

I can never go back to the time that has been the most fulfilling and enjoyable for me.
The time when time really didn’t matter- if we missed something it meant we were doing something we LOVED!

If we did something it was just cause we loved to do it. Time was not as segmented then as it needs to be now.

For teens our culture has demands, necessary activities, payed programs, and tons of things to do.

And its all good!

But I do miss the little child in my lap, holding my hand, the laughter and giggles, the milestones of life that came in moments of idleness.

And yes the fears and traumas that my children had then were special and precious.

Time moves us on and we can’t under any circumstances go back to that other time.

Has there ever been a time when you had to move on simply because of a change in your children?

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