About GEM Parenting

What is GEM Parenting?

Its for parents of young female athletes, primarily moms.  It’s directly connected to http://TigressTeens.ning.com

To empower young female athletes to stay with their confidence, high self-esteem, determination, and love of life that brought them to being an athlete as a kid in the first place. To help them understand how the pressures and norms of our society still keep them in the second rather than excelling them to be their own personal best. To help this upcoming generation of females to grow into the shift, let them be leaders in the shift so they can shine and help bring peace and prosperity to the world.

I have a dual market.  Primarily it is the girls who will benefit, but it is the moms in particular who must relish and accept this program because they will ultimately be sponsoring (paying) for their daughters.  Moms have such an integral part in their daughters’ take on life.  If you are still stuck at not getting around the bend, getting to home plate, feeling that you can be and are  your won personal best, do you really think you are being the best role model for your ultra awesome daughter?

I am thrilled to be able to step up to the plate.  Four years ago I was called to work with you, but I was not able to bring myself to the plate- I know now why obstacles got in the way- I did not have my true calling before me.  It was still muddled and fuddled.  But from working with Suzanne Falter-Barns I was able to find my deepest and truest calling.

Now it’s how to get this calling to be heard by those I serve.  You the moms of young female athletes. One great way- share this link with all the moms of your daughter’s teammates-

Then comment on the articles, be my friend on facebook, follow me on twitter,

And last but most important for you is to join the events– It’s the least you can do to support your daughter and have her stay focused, self-confident, with high self-esteem and not slump into the peer pressure muck of society.


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    A friend of mine once took his dad for finishing some errands and to visit some friends. His dad never knew riding I suppose, but from the time he sat behind my friend’s two-wheeler, he kept on giving directions about what to do, when to change g…

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