Do you really need all your baggage?

February 15, 2012 at 4:22 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

When you start out on a journey you do some things to get ready- You certainly take a few things with you- as many as you need but you don’t bring everything with you. You leave a lot of stuff- actually most of your stuff behind. Sometimes you bring too little, but most of the time you bring way too much stuff, just in case. This is how it is with your brain, only worse. Each day you have a journey and you try to bring everything with you. All your worries, anxieties, concerns, and conflicts. You’d like to bring joy, love, abundance, and happiness as well. But for some reason you you are more apt to leave those behind, or stuff them into a corner in hopes of letting them out. Of course you get overwhelm and stress this way. How about you make some decisions, just like when you go on a physical journey, and leave some stuff behind. Hopefully you will choose to leave the negative stuff behind. All that stuff will be right where you left it if want to get it later. You may surprise yourself and leave it be. By leaving your stress and anxiety producing stuff behind you get tons more room for joy, abundance, love, and happiness. For each negative you leave behind you have an exponentially larger space for the positive things. So give it a try- see what you can leave behind and what fills up the space. If you’re thinking about leaving things behind, but are afraid, confused, or just too overwhelmed to know what to leave and what to take let’s chat to see if I can help. You can send me a message on my personal profile. WHo knows maybe you are going to shed those unwanted pounds (Literally or figuratively) this year after all.

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