Standard Time Can Be Hazardous to Your Daughter’s Health

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There is something to be said about many old wives’ tales. And right now when we change the clocks back it is particularly interesting to me. When I was a kid it was pretty normal to be sent outside after school till dark. No questions asked, no weather was too horrible to have to come from, and all moms had the same rule. We had no refuge in my neighborhood.

As much as we at times hated this time, we also knew it was our own time to be completely ourselves. No on had any vague sort of way to communicate to our parents. No on ever thought we would be molested or stolen. And it was a given that we would be stupid and occasionally hurt ourselves.

If I was mopey my mom was even more adamant about me heading out that door. She knew by instinct that something happened when we went out and got those cold fingers and toes, those rosy cheeks, and an empty belly that demanded food.

Really and truly it was magical. I know I am a bit of a romantic – but it really worked. I never came in mopey. Even those times we had a huge fight in the neighborhood, I was not mopey. I was energized and passionate. I might even have stomped my foot in anger, but that was rare.

You see the thing that my mom knew, and her mom, and so on back was that being outdoors did wonderful things to kids. And they didn’t need to have studies and facts to back it up. They knew. It was self-evident.

It’s no wonder to me that there are so many kids depressed now, and that the number of depressed adults, especially women is soaring as well. With screen time taking as much time as school/work time, when can anyone get outside? When can anyone stretch his or her brain cells?

For the next few months do something that gets you and your family outside and moving everyday for an hour. For my family my motto is “There’s no bad weather, only bad dressing.”

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