Really? Pizza is a Vegie?

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I am dumb-founded, disgusted, and totally confused. It’s incredible to me that frozen pizza has been “declared” a vegetable by the US congress.

Being in my profession, working young female athletes, and being in the community of athletic, health minded people (both in person and on line) I completely forget there are millions of people who actually choose frozen pizza for a meal because they believe it is healthy. Where do they get this idea? Of course I have served and eaten frozen pizza, but never with the idea that it is healthy. Sometimes it is easier than other foods, sometimes I need to feed a bunch of kids who I know are processed food oriented, and sometimes I heat one up because I think it will taste good. But none of these reasons have anything to do with frozen pizza being healthy and I know that frozen pizza simply is not a vegetable.

I am disgusted on many levels. First, that we have congress people who can be bought for any reason at any cost. Congress declaring pizza as a vegetable is clearly a breach of their job to work for the people. There is no way that any congress person can truly believe that cheese or pepperoni pizza is a vegetable, frozen or not. Second, I am disgusted that schools are willing to allow frozen pizza for lunches, especially for subsidized lunches. Where is the education? Are we only concerned with some minimal academic education? Do they think if they feed our youth with food that creates fat kids addicted to foods that create fat adults they are fully educating our children?

Third, and to me most important, I am disgusted with parents. We as parents have the ability, right, and responsibility to teach our children anything and everything from morals and values, to academic interests, to basic hygiene, to healthy living. Teaching our children to live a healthy life style is the most important thing we can do as parents. By giving them the skills and resources to be healthy we give our children the freedom to live a life of freedom. Statistically, healthy children always score higher on any kind of test given- from I.Q. to physical to creative. Of course we all know the exception: the kid, who against all odds, is amazing. But why do we take the chance, and encourage and provide our kids with foods we know cause ill health?

As parents we really must take a stand. We can be the ones who force schools to give our children real food, with vegetables being actually vegetables. We can become educated about foods and true healthy eating. And pass this on to our children. There is no excuse for anyone to not know about healthy eating, or to implement it. Studies also show that eating unprocessed, low sugar, low salt foods can be done for less money than cheap processed foods.

I’m confused. Since this is common knowledge why don’t people know this? Why are people, you included, holding tight to the idea that your processed foods are healthy and cheaper? I mean can’t you see all those fat kids waddling around? Are people so lazy they can’t deal with being the provider for their family and have to succumb to the whining and controlling of their kids? Who are becoming huge by being bombarded from the media and force-fed addictive foods simply to make some huge food corporations hugely profitable?

Don’t you get it? The corporations are now addicting us, and our kids, to foods that create unhealthy people. They used to addict us to tobacco and alcohol. But they aren’t allowed to do that anymore, so they have turned to addicting us to food. They know it will be nearly impossible to forbid the mass media to advertise about food.

So what can you do? First, educate yourself. Find out what is being done to you and your family from the foods you eat. Second, start to gradually shift from those addictive ill-health causing foods to sustaining health-causing foods. Third, tell one elected official to protect our nations greatest treasure of all, protect our children.

Check out the Wellness calls

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Gem Parenting tele-Discussion
1-940-287-4000 and access code 11911

Being a parent is a serious responsibility. Being a parent instilling wellness into the picture adds immeasurable stress and pressure to your life. Then add to all that the fact that your daughter is an athlete. Yet, here you are, in an age where it’s not only thought a good idea, but is, in fact, considered a necessity. You’ve seen what happens when parents leave wellness issues alone. Kids eat crap, have thumbs that act faster than an Indy car, have total disrespect for others, parents, their belongings and even themselves. And you know this is all preventable. You know families where physical, mental, nutritional, social, and spiritual wellness are intact and thriving. Join me for discussions of bringing wellness into your daughter’s life. Wednesdays at 8:30 eastern, 7:30 central, 6:30 mountain, 5:30 pacific. Hey that’s tonight. Here’s the number 1-940-287-4000 and access code 11911.

Tigress Teen Tele-discussion
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Wohoo- Its just about the start of a new season for so many of my teen FB and real life friends. Wellness is such an important part of your ability to start now and go through the whole season on top, with power, energy, and the mental strength. I wish you the best! I’m having a special get started for the season wellness chat tomorrow – for girls only- We’ll touch on the five modalities of wellness. @ 7 eastern, 6 central, 5 mountain, 4 pacific time. Here’s the number 1-940-287-4000 and access code 11911-Catch you then. This is open to all young female athletes- not only skiers.

Standard Time Can Be Hazardous to Your Daughter’s Health

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There is something to be said about many old wives’ tales. And right now when we change the clocks back it is particularly interesting to me. When I was a kid it was pretty normal to be sent outside after school till dark. No questions asked, no weather was too horrible to have to come from, and all moms had the same rule. We had no refuge in my neighborhood.

As much as we at times hated this time, we also knew it was our own time to be completely ourselves. No on had any vague sort of way to communicate to our parents. No on ever thought we would be molested or stolen. And it was a given that we would be stupid and occasionally hurt ourselves.

If I was mopey my mom was even more adamant about me heading out that door. She knew by instinct that something happened when we went out and got those cold fingers and toes, those rosy cheeks, and an empty belly that demanded food.

Really and truly it was magical. I know I am a bit of a romantic – but it really worked. I never came in mopey. Even those times we had a huge fight in the neighborhood, I was not mopey. I was energized and passionate. I might even have stomped my foot in anger, but that was rare.

You see the thing that my mom knew, and her mom, and so on back was that being outdoors did wonderful things to kids. And they didn’t need to have studies and facts to back it up. They knew. It was self-evident.

It’s no wonder to me that there are so many kids depressed now, and that the number of depressed adults, especially women is soaring as well. With screen time taking as much time as school/work time, when can anyone get outside? When can anyone stretch his or her brain cells?

For the next few months do something that gets you and your family outside and moving everyday for an hour. For my family my motto is “There’s no bad weather, only bad dressing.”

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