Planning to Have Your Knee Cut Open Creates Stress

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Planning to have your knee cut open creates stress. Planning to try something that isn’t accepted in your own country adds to the stress. Having a bossy little sister can put you over the edge. Yep-Tensions are high in my house right now with leaving for Canada tonight for surgery.

The past week we were on the edge of being manic- all energy and actions upbeat and full of excitement. Jamie did a few weeks of schoolwork. We happened to be going to Taylor Swift on Wed night. Jamie filled Thursday, Friday, & Saturday with being with friends. She had a great week.

But underneath it all was the upcoming trip- The trip to have her knee re-repaired. Now of course she isn’t the first to have this issue, nor will she be the last. But when it is you [and for me- my kid] you seem to feel that the whole world revolves around this. And this morning there is nothing but the upcoming surgery.

What must be going on in her head? Fear- “Will it work? What about ten years from now? How much will it hurt? When will I be able to really walk? Am I crazy for doing this? What if I get there and something happens? OMG I am soooo scared. Will my knee have huge scars? [Oh that is the least of my worries, but still…] Will I really be able to train and compete this winter? Am I going to still have my career?”

Oh the fears that she must be having right now.

And not too much she can do about them, except have them, own them, talk about them, ignore them, and have them be overwhelming.

Here’s the thing some stress is good for you- And when you have too much stress you have to do something about it.

Just when I was writing this Jamie came down. We talked about her fears. I acknowledged them without going over board.

In her wellness college class she had to take a stress test today- After taking the test she told me, “Just incase you are wondering. I have really high stress today. And to reduce my stress I need to laugh-

So I now have to do some damage control with the little sister who reacted to Jamie’s stress by being a bossy you know what. She is the best at being funny-

The bossy little sister made a 180 degree turn around. You see her emotions were a reaction to her surroundings. All fear around her created fear in her, but since she really didn’t have any fear and couldn’t relate to the fear she acted out in bossy, controlling actions.

By both of them seeing the fear for what it was- completely real, yet surmountable they were both able to let go of the attached stress-

Then Jamie had some new thinking- You see her fear wasn’t the top priority anymore. Even though we couldn’t take it all away, it was manageable now.

Her new thought was filled with strength and determination. By dealing with the fears head on, not as an excuse for any negative emotions or actions or ignoring them, Jamie had power again.

Now my stress is less. Time for lunch, a few last minutes details to make home life smooth while I’m gone, a run and off to surgery.

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