I Have Been Keeping a Secret

September 15, 2011 at 6:52 pm | Posted in ACL recovery, Move to Park City Utah | Leave a comment
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So for the past few weeks I have kept a secret. First, I was attempting to make-believe reality hadn’t happened. Then I was really sure it had happened and I couldn’t give it any attention. But now I have worked hard at letting what happened be just that- something that happened- and am going forward so that “now” is what counts and what matters- not what happened.

Here’s the story- Last month I got in a 17 foot U-Haul truck pulling Jamie’s car while Jamie drive my car. We, along with my two youngest daughters, were moving to Park City, Utah. We had to wait till Jeanee got her braces off on Monday and get to Park City in time for Jamie to go to the Lupe Fiasco concert in Salt Lake Thursday. We couldn’t go after the concert because Jilly had hockey tryouts and practice starting up that Sunday.

We were all set to start our new life and adventure. I could actually work again because all my time wouldn’t held hostage to driving and the girls could be involved with their sports and other aspects of life that are so important. As much as I loved Waterville Valley- I was really getting too isolated.

Well, we arrived after three very hard days of driving. Oh, the last was a real killer for me. Jeanee was sick. She does this- gets a headache and stomach ache when over tired. So she and I drove in the car, while Jamie and Jilly had the fun of the truck. Of course the car was more comfy, BUT we couldn’t have any noise- like music or talking on the phone- or open the windows. All this caused Jeanee to feel worse. So for six hours I drove along in silence except when Jeanee needed to stop-which was every hour. SO at least I had some reprieve of the boredom.

We got to Park City, spent a couple of days unpacking the truck, starting to get settled and really knowing we were truly going to just love Park City, Utah. I got almost all the furniture we needed- and nice quality stuff too- for under $1000. So we were really getting settled and set up for a premo life.

The girls jumped into life- Training at the Utah Olympic Park (UOP or ramps), Jeanee starting school, Jilly making the hockey team, me beginning to network and starting my running. We were all doing exactly what the script said.

THEN I got a call. “Mommy, come quick Jamie really hurt herself.”

I got to the ramps were the girls were all three training and there was Jamie lying on the trampoline with a bunch of paramedics surrounding her, oxygen mask over her mouth, and her sisters with grave grey faces holding her hands. My heart was lost.

She had only been back to training for two months after her ACL surgery. How could this be?


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