I am scared

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I am totally scared. Here I am starting one of my biggest changes in life. It’s up there with having my first baby- But then I was young, naive, innocent. Now I am old, sophisticated, wise. I know all about failure. Then failure was a word that had never crossed my mind. And actually I knew nothing about success either. I just went about living my days- not knowing what would turn up from day to day. I had some of the greatest joy filled days. I was exhilarated, full of energy and life. Yet I had some days filled with sadness, heartbreak, and depression.

It is sort of the same now- I don’t know what will turn up from day to day. But here is the big difference- I now know about me. I know I can and do have the choice to be me. I can choose to be upset, relaxed, motivated, a slacker. It’s all my choice.

And by choosing and having that control I can make this change that is scary and unknown be another, and maybe the greatest, adventure of my life.

White Mountains NH condo for rent

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Happy Summer-I hope you are all loving your summer as much as I am.

I’ve spent most of my time in Westport CT, with some time in WV.

The time I have spent in WV has been bitter sweet.  It’s time for my family to head west.

So most of my time has been used packing up the condo.

Yes- we are officially going to Park City, Utah in September.  So….

If you or anyone you know wants to rent or buy my condo PLEASE let me know!!!!

There are some very special things about this condo, which was why we bought it in the first place-

It’s really important for a family to have a home. Our place is set up more like a house than a condo, especially since it’s an end unit. You look out your window and see a yard, not the guy in the condo next to you brushing his teeth. And speaking about the neighbors on the other side, they are there about two times a year- and are super nice and friendly.

There is lots of natural light in every room, so it has a sunny and welcoming vibe. There’s plenty of closet space- even for a family with three teen girls…..

We are right next to the Rec Center and Athletic Club.

The cross country/bike trails are accessed by a trail directly behind the condo. The wilderness in Waterville has some of the most beautiful terrain in the world, to be able to walk out the door and into the trails is a magical escapade.

The schuss stop is right at the corner, trust me if you are taking the bus up to the mountain only walking a few feet, compared to all the way up an icy road with all your gear is a HUGE benefit.

You can use the monitors to heat the entire condo- saving tons on electricity.

One of the biggest reasons we bought this place was because there is a full sublevel floor that is ideal to give the kids their own space. It’s a perfect playroom for young children. An ideal hangout area for your teenagers, or a self-sufficient cabin themed guest area- complete with a fridge, kitchenette-

and a separate entrance.

Outside there is place to store bikes, firewood, and a grill.

There is a great ski room with wonderful racks to hang enough skis for even my family.

You will have great views of the mountain, and can even watch everyone shred it up on True Grit.

Yes, I want you to love this condo like we did. It is honestly one of the best condos in the valley, and I want you to live there because I know you will love it, and I want to leave it in good hands.

It’s a fun place to live whether you’re 3 and making your first snow angles, 45 and helping your children enjoy the magic of the outdoors, or 85 and trying to find a magical recluse our Waterville Valley condo will help make your dreams come true, just like it did for my family.

Here is the link on facebook to view the pictures and get an idea of what it will feel like as your home.

(You’ll have to cut and paste this to your browser)

I can rent for weekends/weeks/the winter season or sell-

So please, pass this on to anyone you know who is interested. Come home, or find the home away from home you have always dreamed about.

Thanks for reading this,


PS- It sleeps 15 all in beds and no one ever feels crowded.

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