Drugs and Sex- Negative or Positive for Teen Athlete Girls?

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I’ve just come across this most amazing list of how to change negative actions and thoughts to positive actions and thoughts.

What comes to me is that whatever is there can be seen and used to ignite something good and positive in YOU.  Rather than be lost in the negativity all around us, being force fed to us to keep us desperate and docile or angry and aggressive-

THe list is long and the link is at the bottom of this post, but here are a few that i think are pertinent to teen athletes and their parents. Drugs and sex for sure!

Use drugs to make you feel alive, not as an escape from life.-  In some cases you will need to take drugs for the pain of an injury, but once you are past the need of narcotics then go back to your own super ability to regulate your pain.  And with casual drugs- be aware of how you feel when you’re in the top of your sport.  KNOW you CAN get that feeling by being yourself and alive without anything needing to be added.   Let your own body create your drugs for you.

Use sex as a powerful tool to experience the depth of your feelings, not as a tool to change someone else’s.  As a super star athlete you are the diva.  You are the one who possesses the power and ability to be in control.  You can and do change people simply by doing your sport. By bringing yourself to your personal best.  I have seen far too many times when girls let their sexual desires lead them to lower their self standards and desires for other aspects of life.  Know that when you do have sex it’s for completing who you are- not to prove who you are, not to be accepted by others, not to change others to ideas or opinions.


I’ll be addressing others along the way, and for now

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