Not everyone wants to flip on skis, but everyone has something in them that is just as powerful!

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This weekend marked the end of skiing at WV ski area- in Waterville Valley, NH.

This is my family’s home and skiing is our passion, our interest, our livelihood.  The last few days were exhilarating.  I personally made the absolute most of every second I had left.  I skied every day for the past two weeks (Except one Thursday when we had a family gathering in Nashua NH)

But the last three days will be of special memory forever.  Friday, I cruised as fast as I could down and immediately back up the lift.  I found a new friend and we skied at this tempo for a couple of hours.  What’s so special about this?  Well, it was in the way I lived my passion.  I was totally into doing my thing at my own personal best.  I listened to myself- My abilities for that particular day. And I was FAST!  Faster than anyone else on the hill.  I wasn’t even in a contest.  I just went as my best.  And I had a HUGE grin at every turn.  I even passed the head racing coach- who was by no means putting along!

The reason I’ll always remember this is that I totally gave into MY personal best.  What anyone else did was irrelevant.  And by being my best I made a new friend who is passionate about skiing.  My life expanded both within me and outside.

The next day, Saturday, I did the “Mountain Challenge” x2.  WV has 13 top to bottom runs.  I skied every run on the mountain twice.  As I went down each run I gave it my all AND I said goodbye to each run AND paid attention to the memories each run held for me.  I was determined and enthusiastic.  People asked what I was doing?- Charity runs or something?  When they discovered I was doing this for myself and no one else they really cheered me on- some had to get over their confusion that I would do something this strenuous and be so determined just because I wanted to.  But my real friends were totally supportive!  And they gave me just an extra challenge.  The lift to the very top of the mountain wasn’t working.  And they asked if I was doing that too- Meaning I would have to climb up to ski down.  So of course I did- The LAST run.

Why is this so special?  Again, I was out there for me.  I was in my element.  I gave myself a difficult challenge.  I kept to my goal.  I stayed focus.  At lunch, I rested enough and had a fantastic talk about home schooling, but I didn’t lose track of what I was doing.  When friends were going on a different run that would have been loads of fun to have gone on with them, I stayed true to my personal objective for the day.

Sunday- the third and last day I skied with the kids and their parents.  There was a pack of kids- all boys except my Jeanee.  The boys went out there and did their first ever front flips, and a bunch even ventured to back flips.  (Jeanee had been doing flips all season)  And I watched and cheered them on.  I heard and felt their enthusiasm for each other and themselves.  They were as pumped on themselves as they were on each other.  These kid had no holds.  Here’s my message to them:

Hey guys you were on top of it!  Remember the feeling of fun, confidence and total abandon.  This is the stuff that makes champions.  YES now you will HAVE to get the technical stuff shored up- But as long as you go every step with your LOVE and Enthusiasm you will be able to get to ANY place you EVER want!

While this was going on my 18 year old, Jamie Crane-Mauzy, and my year 10 year old, Jilly, arrived.  Jilly had smashed her shin Sat so she couldn’t ski and Jamie is getting strong after ACL surgery in Jan so she couldn’t ski.  Now these two girls could have been very bitter about all the fun and excitement that everyone else was having, but instead Jamie got involved with some coaching and pointers- (She won the world championships last year so she knows a thing or two)  And Jilly was so excited to see her friends doing such cool stuff!

What’s special about this??  This day was celebration with family and friends.  No we didn’t have a feast, or a plan to celebrate.  We didn’t even need to plan to be together.  We knew we would be.  Without even texting, talking, or communicating in any way, we ALL arrived at the mountain at the same time.  Pure and simple- we were meant to spend the day together.

So often we try to make the celebration happen. And that is good- as long as all the participants can celebrate their own personal best, their love of each other, know that, above everything else, being true to yourself is what makes you be the most unique and amazing person.  That you have wonderful, fantastic qualities and they love to shine!

Not everyone wants to flip on skis, but everyone has something in them that is just as powerful!


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