There are no rules, So just have fun

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“There are no rules, So just have fun.” Jonathon from the Chair lift

There is so much to this statement by Jonathon. I met him on the chair lift this morning. And this was his answer to my question, “What do you like about skiing?”

It seems kind of simple at first. But really, it’s deep. There are so few things that we actually do that have no rules. And we do them just for fun.

But it hasn’t always been that way. When we were kids we did most of what we did for fun. It was the only and natural way.

And you see when we played civil war/olden days, tag on the jetty, or simply went on the swing for an hour, we made the rules. I remember one day when I was on the swing I had to sing a certain song, kick my feet just so, and then after every tenth time I had to start spinning in one direction. The next set I had to do it all in the reverse order. It was a complicated game I had set up. But there were no “RULES” It was all exactly what I wanted it to be. And I had tons of FUN.

As we get older we find others always imposing rules on us. And we think we have to follow them. These rules come in the context of real laws- which I do suggest following- but beyond that there are rules about just about everything you can think of.

And with all these rules we lose the FUN aspect of what we are doing.

Here’s what I try to do- and Jonathon helped me articulate it. I actually take my day and have fun. When I have tasks I really must do- like pick up- I put on music that I just love to dance and sing to. Then I get going with the fun of that and the task is replaced by a game I make up.

Since I work with lots of athlete teens I just want to put in a word to you as well- When you started your athletics I bet you were a kid. I bet you were having fun. And yes, maybe you played hockey, or swam, or did some actual sport, but the thing is you were doing it for fun.

The rules were minimal. The fun was maximum.

Now you’re older. And the rules are there for real.

But just like when I have to pick up and I create a fun was way to get the task done, you go out and do your sport because you LOVE it. Because it gives you so much energy and drive. Because it is the thing that you had so much FUN doing as a kid.

Play like-
There are no rules- Just have fun.


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