Can you risk a little love for a nurd?

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This morning I had a chat w/ a friend in India. The gist was-
Here we are across the world living and loving while
people who are physically in the same neighborhood, office,
even home spend their time arguing, fighting, and hating.

Its a great day to share a bit of love- make the world a brighter place.
As a young female athlete you really have a lot of influence on others.
YOu can be the leader who shuns the nurdy outcast even more, or you can
figure out how to accept this weirdo kid, for their own worth.

This doesn’t mean to go out and invite this kid to your home, start be totally in with this kid.
It means be silent when others ridicule, harm, or hurt this kid.
It means maybe say leave this kid alone.
It means say one acceptable thing about this kid.

You are a leader for your friends. You have the success of being an athlete-
This is a real privilege. It took great energy and sacrifice for you to get
to where you are. And tons of fun and excitement too.

With gratitude give a bit of love (maybe only in your own head- I mean not so any one else even knows you’ve done this but you) to the kid who just didn’t get born with the knack to be cool and awesome like you.

Ever done anything like this? lets hear about it- if you are up for the risk

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