What kind of criticism do you get as a mom of a young female athlete?

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Being the mom of very high level, talented, dedicated young female athletes certainly has it up moments. You know when they get trophies, get up on the podium, and are having a great training day.

But then there are the days that as a mom it’s really hard. Last week I had to take Jamie off to Lake Placid for five months of training. Now we will get to see her. Its not like she is just plain gone for all those months. But the time we spend together will be short and sporadic. And I’m just not ready for that.

I’m still thinking about how we can do this kind of cross training, how we can do this special day together, how we can do this art project, and the list goes on. I still think of the fun we had when she was little. And how we’d go off to the park where she would climb up on top of the swing set and walk along. The mothers were totally frantic and sure she would kill herself. I think some thought I was insane and others thought I was beyond insane.

To get to this wonderful point where she is out there and up there and just one amazing athlete I had to live with LOTS of criticism. But let me tell you it sure was worth it!

What kind of criticism have you had to put up with being a mom of a young female athlete on her way to success and leadership?

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