To Be Successful Sometimes You Need to Pretend

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Today’s quote-
“To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are.”

Muhammad Ali

It’s so important to understand that being the best HAS to come form your heart, your being, your soul. When you decide that you are going to be an athlete there is some part of you that wants to be the champion. You want to be successful with your strengths, your abilities, your raw talent, and your enthusiasm. You are the one who must believe this. If it’s only your parents, your coaches, your friends then you will be good, but not great. Good is always the antithesis of great. (That means if you go for good you won’t get to great.)

It’s sometimes hard to make this transition and believe in yourself this much!

You may get some kind of gnawing inside your gut you, some voice saying you’re kidding, or you may get a sore muscle or even a school assignment that gets in the way of your progress.

You are the only one who can get past these obstacles. This is where pretending can actually help. Remember when you were a little kid and you pretended? You KNEW in your heart that this pretending was real.

Well, this kind of pretending now will bring things to reality. I don’t mean just pretend with your mind. When you were a kid you didn’t just dream your pretend moments. You dressed, talked, walked, LIVED these pretend games.

That’s what you must do on your days when you are not sure of yourself- Pretend you are amazing, successful. Be your own leader. Does the champion on an off day sit around eating junk? Moping? Wishing to be better? Absolutely NOT!

The champion gets up and does the workout, the meditation, the HARD HARD work that is necessary to get to the top. That’s what you must do.

When you are unsure of yourself you need to step into the land of make believe. Pretend you are THE champion. Do everything, live everything, be everything it takes to be a champion.

Yesterday was on FULL day of training!

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Well yesterday was one full day of training.
I took my second six mile run- at about 11 minute miles.
What a dif from when I was young!
Then I could do 6 miles in 36 minutes no problem.-
That’s six minute miles.

I took my puppy (she’s a year now).
When we got back I took off her leash. She ran around in crazy circles
like we hadn’t ever been out at all.

But back to the training-after the run I had a Zumba class-
(great way to loosen up my hips, and back)
that was followed by Pilates-
core strength in any sport is so essential!

Anyway I had a great run, time to contemplate the auspicious idea that I
am going to run the NY Marathon at 51, just four years after a serious accident,
and that I am going to encourage you and others to contribute to my fund raising efforts
for The Women’s Sports Foundation.

Now why would I want to support The Woman’s Sports Foundation so much?
First of all, without them Title IX would have much less impact. It might have been
set up as a law, but without their lobbying and granting organizations to support
Women’s Sport not nearly as much progress would have been made.

SO why now? Aren’t girls sports doing just fine? Aren’t there plenty of programs for girls in sports?
Yes and no- yes tons of programs exist, and they all cost money- far more than we as parents actually pay.
But even more than the existing programs there are still too many girls who do not get involved with sports or being physically active.
Why is this important?
Simple- Sports and being physically active have been proven in plenty of studies to be PREVENTATIVE of all kinds issues and problems for people of all ages- especially adolescent girls.

And its still girls and women who are far less likely to be physically active than boys and men. The Women’s Sports Foundation encourages and supports all ages and abilities of girls and women to become more active.

By supporting me you are actually helping to decrease our national expenses by bringing the health of girls and women to a higher level.

Love to have you donate right now-

Can you risk a little love for a nurd?

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This morning I had a chat w/ a friend in India. The gist was-
Here we are across the world living and loving while
people who are physically in the same neighborhood, office,
even home spend their time arguing, fighting, and hating.

Its a great day to share a bit of love- make the world a brighter place.
As a young female athlete you really have a lot of influence on others.
YOu can be the leader who shuns the nurdy outcast even more, or you can
figure out how to accept this weirdo kid, for their own worth.

This doesn’t mean to go out and invite this kid to your home, start be totally in with this kid.
It means be silent when others ridicule, harm, or hurt this kid.
It means maybe say leave this kid alone.
It means say one acceptable thing about this kid.

You are a leader for your friends. You have the success of being an athlete-
This is a real privilege. It took great energy and sacrifice for you to get
to where you are. And tons of fun and excitement too.

With gratitude give a bit of love (maybe only in your own head- I mean not so any one else even knows you’ve done this but you) to the kid who just didn’t get born with the knack to be cool and awesome like you.

Ever done anything like this? lets hear about it- if you are up for the risk

Are you ready for What If?

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You MUST Read This Book!

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If you don’t read this book, when your friends talk about it – and they will – you’ll know you’ve missed something wonderful!

For once, don’t be the last to hear about something special – be the first!

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Is happiness out of our reach?

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“Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we don’t even remember leaving open. ” Rose Wilder Lane

You can join me each week for a tele-class on effective leadership and success- My personal focus is for young female athletes and their parents, but if you are interested in your own needs of leadership and success, parenting, and empowerment then you better get on board!.
You will learn my secrets of happiness and endurance on and off the running road,
You will learn about

• Nutrition in a totally fun and easy way to maintain healthy eating
• Social norms and how to handle them
• How to call your inner strength to be your ally rather than your enemy
• Affirmations
• Personal training
• Low self-esteem and how to channel that negative talk into positive self-esteem
• Why is self confidence so hard to have and how to build your self confidence
• Body image- how to be comfortable and strong in your body
• Girls sports
• Parenting

And that list will keep growing to cover a totally new you. And who better to help you on your journey, but me- why? Cause I’m one step ahead of you.

I’m running in the NY Marathon- Sponsored by the Womens’s Sports Foundation

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“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” ~ Lao-Tsu

Yahoo! I am going to run in the New York Marathon on Nov 7, 2010. I am ecstatic!!!
What’s all the hoopla about? Why am I so thrilled?

The Women’s Sports Foundation has honored me and four others to represent them in the New York Marathon. To think that I have been chosen out hundreds. What an honor!!!

OK so my journey isn’t a thousand miles, its only 26 miles and 385 yards. It’s the New York Marathon. I have five months to prepare. What will I do to prepare?

Run of course- lots of miles.
I’ll need to run to get the endurance and strength for running 26.2 miles.

I’ll need to eat right. You can’t be running around getting ready for a marathon and not eat enough or the right kind of food to maintain energy.

I’ll need to be super organized with how I do things on a daily basis, cause as we all know if you fall behind in one area then a landslide of being behind in all areas is soon to follow.

I’ll need to do cross training. This is to maintain my stability, my balance, my strength.

I’ll need to meditate and visualize. These are ways I stay focused. To remember on those day coming up in August when its really too hot to live that I have a goal. And as the day comes closer and I have struggles with who knows what I will be able to regain my energy.

It’s a short journey, 26.2 miles, when I think about all that I need to do to be ready for that journey on Nov. 7.

Maybe I will have gone a thousand miles by the time I actually do the race.
And the only way to begin will be to take my first step in training. And then I will need to take a first step each day in one form of training or another.

I’d love you to join me on this journey.- How? No you don’t have to run the 26.2 miles. No you don’t need to stand on the side of the road and cheer me on- although I’ll love that for sure. No you don’t need to watch me on TV. So what’s left?

Well, there are two ways-
As I post my training and challenges, you can send your support and love by commenting. I’m SURE to need it!!!!

The second way is to join me in teleclasses. I’ll post about that tomorrow so come back to see what that’s all about.

Does your children changing make you move on?

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Today is monumental for me.

My youngest child is ten today.

This means she is double digits and I am no longer, never will be again, the mother of young children.

I can never go back to the time that has been the most fulfilling and enjoyable for me.
The time when time really didn’t matter- if we missed something it meant we were doing something we LOVED!

If we did something it was just cause we loved to do it. Time was not as segmented then as it needs to be now.

For teens our culture has demands, necessary activities, payed programs, and tons of things to do.

And its all good!

But I do miss the little child in my lap, holding my hand, the laughter and giggles, the milestones of life that came in moments of idleness.

And yes the fears and traumas that my children had then were special and precious.

Time moves us on and we can’t under any circumstances go back to that other time.

Has there ever been a time when you had to move on simply because of a change in your children?

What kind of criticism do you get as a mom of a young female athlete?

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Being the mom of very high level, talented, dedicated young female athletes certainly has it up moments. You know when they get trophies, get up on the podium, and are having a great training day.

But then there are the days that as a mom it’s really hard. Last week I had to take Jamie off to Lake Placid for five months of training. Now we will get to see her. Its not like she is just plain gone for all those months. But the time we spend together will be short and sporadic. And I’m just not ready for that.

I’m still thinking about how we can do this kind of cross training, how we can do this special day together, how we can do this art project, and the list goes on. I still think of the fun we had when she was little. And how we’d go off to the park where she would climb up on top of the swing set and walk along. The mothers were totally frantic and sure she would kill herself. I think some thought I was insane and others thought I was beyond insane.

To get to this wonderful point where she is out there and up there and just one amazing athlete I had to live with LOTS of criticism. But let me tell you it sure was worth it!

What kind of criticism have you had to put up with being a mom of a young female athlete on her way to success and leadership?

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