The Golden Key- has it been handed to me?

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WOW, You ever have that moment when you just know that it’s all coming together? You just know that years of ideas, work, struggles, sleepless nights, hair pulling days are worth every minute of it?

Well, guess what it’s happening to me. And you will get to be a part of the ride.

So what is happening? The Women’s Sports Foundation is considering having me represent them in the NY Marathon.

I’m totally thrilled that they are thinking of me. Here’s some of why:
I am so passionate about how sports for women has an essential part in the building and maintaining of self esteem for women.

Its not just being competitive, it’s being a whole person that relishes in life. Being athletic used to be primarily- almost exclusively a male option. But now its open to the wide world of women.

But what is happening? Girls and young women are putting their appearance, their needs to fit in, their fears of somehow going against the crowd to over shadow their abilities, goals, and dreams.

Its just preposterous that girls still think that they are less than boys in sports. Its mind-boggling!

So here I am ready to stand up and fight, share, sing, dance, and RUN to help the world get the picture of how girls are still being help back. And this holding back of girls is not just in young female athletes. Their mothers- you- hold back. I can’t even begin to tell you how moms I see holding back, not just as a mom, but some where deep inside.

So, I’m in the finals of being invited to represent the Women’s Sports Foundation.
Check back tomorrow to find out why
And today RIGHT NOW-put in your comment as to why you would want me to represent the Women’s Sports Foundation.

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