Thanksgiving- Are you going to make me cry?

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Hey GEM Parents,

It’s almost Turkey Day.  This may be one of my absolute favorite holidays.  For me its full of cooking- which I LOVE to do

Family- not huge, but as many together as we can have-  This year we’ll be ten.

We have a few traditions for Thanksgiving-

We chop lots of celery and onions till we are all crying and laughing because we are crying over the onions.

We rake some leaves.

We watch the Macy’s Day Parade, then the girls make up dances.

We watch the dog show – and all pick our favorite- Its usually the smaller one, but always the fluffiest one.

Then we have those that really have to do with being Thankful.

When we set the table we put seven kernels of popcorn on each plate.  Then when all the dishes and the turkey are taking up every spare space on the table we take a moment to compare the contrast of the seven corn kernels and the abundance of what we are about to eat.

What’s the significance of the seven corn kernels? – That’s what the Pilgrims had left of their provisions for their daily portion of food.

And that is the amount that some people have today!

No matter that I have done this for my whole life- The contrast always brings me to a real deep Thankfulness for all that I have. Even in my worst moments I know I have more than seven kernels of corn!

At some point when we are eating we go around the table and say what we are Thankful for. Yes this is canned and corny.  Lots of the regular stuff- “My family, my food, my sports, my house,” then everyone has something special to add- and I ALWAYS cry.  – I did even when I was a kid.

But now it’s a big joke and they get the tissues out (I secretly think they try to see who can make me cry the most)

And I guess that’s the best part for me.  Listening to everyone share little and HUGE things that they are thankful for.

SO for this Thanksgiving I am asking you two things

1) What are you thankful for?- I’m a sap about this. I really want to have a few tears over what you moms have to say! You can say it here and know I will really appreciate what you have to say. And no one will say anything stupid or mean about you for saying it.  AND no kids to make you anxious about saying it.

2) You may know that GEM Parenting is supporting the African Library Book Drive.

And just as I thought- you all really want to help out and give books, but it’s just a bit complicated to get the boopks to me.

SO instead it turns out the African Library Book Drive is in DESPERATE need of donations to help ship the books. I talked with a few charter members of GEM Parenting and we think that a $5.00 donation would be exactly right for GEM Parenting members.

So to give your donation click on the link below- fill out the form and you are done.

PLEASE do these two things RIGHT now.

You are moms and I know as well as you, if you walk away and don’t do either you will just not do them.

And then you get to be stuck with the guilty feeling of not having made me happy- not so traumatic.

But you also get stuck with the guilt that with such a little time and effort and only $5.00 you can really help some kids who have only seven corn kernels some days – and of course NO books at all.

And that’s a big guilt so if you pick one- choose the donation.

Thanks for being a part of GEM Parenting –  I know its been a sleepy place for a while, I’ve been really concentrating on a new venture- Tigress Teens- Hot Spot fro Teen Girls Athletes.  And now that that is getting a solid start I will have time back hrer again.

But I really had to touch bases with you here at Thanksgiving to let you know I am honored that you came here and are a part of the GEM Parenting community.

Have a great Thanksgiving,


PS Do your donation NOW

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