When did chores stop being a dirty word for teens?

October 8, 2009 at 8:07 pm | Posted in responsibilities, teenagers | 1 Comment

Today I have a new teenager in my house.  Braces have started for her.  It’s kind of funny though.  When I was a kid I had braces on when I was ten to twelve.  It was considered WAY too early by most of my friends’ moms.  But now it’s really common.   And starting at 13 is on the late side now.

Now I think this is kind of funny because it seems that everything is happening at younger and younger ages, even to have braces being at younger ages.

So what is there to make your kid know s/he’s a teenager now?  There is still the driver’s license.  And that is a big one for sure.  But that happens well after you have become a teenager.  How about drinking?  No, that’s out (thank goodness) till you are supposed to be an adult.  Texting?  Nope, it’s brand new to the world, but it doesn’t have much to being a teenager.  Talking on the phone? Well, there is an increase as a teenager, but it is not like when I was kid.  Teenagers totally hogged the phone, got grounded because of talking too much on the phone.  Now everyone has their own phone so who cares how much you talk.

Oh here’s something that most of my freinds had when we became teens- Chores – Oh that was a dirty word.  But it also meant we were teenagers.  That concept- giving kids responsibility around the house- is surely an olden days, totally outdated fashion.  What is there for kids to do anyway?  -The dishes, the laundry, vacuum, (oh lowliest of jobs) the toilets.  Oh heaven forbid we have our over taxed kids do any of these things.

Uh oh, a bit of my opinion is leaking out here.  Yes, it is disgraceful that our kids be asked to partake of any job in our houses.  Why they just have way too much to do.  And so do we.

Yes we have so much to do now that we have all these things to help us keep track of everything we have to do, that no matter what we just have more to do.  And when could we ever get around to having our kids do any chores?

Do you have any idea of how to get kids to do chores and why you might even want them to do any?  Could it be related in any way to being a teenager?  Do chores start earlier?  What do you think will happen to these kids who never do any chores?

Whew- lots of questions.  Got any ideas or answers?  If so I suggest you hit the comment button and let us know.

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