Plain Old Tuesday or Terrific Tuesday?

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It’s just plain old Tuesday. It’s not the beginning of the week. It’s not really the middle. It has no significance. It’s just a day.

Yet today is the most important day today. It’s this day that really matters- Without today you would not be. None of us would be.

I know you all work for the day of when your family runs smoothly.  Nothing gets in the way-. Those days are unique and special. You try to be at your best. You look forward to the excitement and adrenalin rush of the day. The anticipation builds and the day comes. Yes, those are the days that make up for today- plain old nothing Tuesday.

Wait a minute. I started this with Terrific Tuesday of Plain Old Tuesday, so why am I slumping up Tuesday this way?

You see everyday in your life matters. Some are memorable. Others just happen- you get up and eventually you go to bed- plain old Tuesday for sure. Yet it’s these regular days that set you apart. When you can take your mediocrity, your normal, and bring it to great then you will be great. Settling at any moment can bring you from being terrific to being good. Good is the antithesis of being terrific and great.

So what makes you be terrific today?

Now you put your comments in. Lets see what makes you parents tick on plain old Tuesday.

When did chores stop being a dirty word for teens?

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Today I have a new teenager in my house.  Braces have started for her.  It’s kind of funny though.  When I was a kid I had braces on when I was ten to twelve.  It was considered WAY too early by most of my friends’ moms.  But now it’s really common.   And starting at 13 is on the late side now.

Now I think this is kind of funny because it seems that everything is happening at younger and younger ages, even to have braces being at younger ages.

So what is there to make your kid know s/he’s a teenager now?  There is still the driver’s license.  And that is a big one for sure.  But that happens well after you have become a teenager.  How about drinking?  No, that’s out (thank goodness) till you are supposed to be an adult.  Texting?  Nope, it’s brand new to the world, but it doesn’t have much to being a teenager.  Talking on the phone? Well, there is an increase as a teenager, but it is not like when I was kid.  Teenagers totally hogged the phone, got grounded because of talking too much on the phone.  Now everyone has their own phone so who cares how much you talk.

Oh here’s something that most of my freinds had when we became teens- Chores – Oh that was a dirty word.  But it also meant we were teenagers.  That concept- giving kids responsibility around the house- is surely an olden days, totally outdated fashion.  What is there for kids to do anyway?  -The dishes, the laundry, vacuum, (oh lowliest of jobs) the toilets.  Oh heaven forbid we have our over taxed kids do any of these things.

Uh oh, a bit of my opinion is leaking out here.  Yes, it is disgraceful that our kids be asked to partake of any job in our houses.  Why they just have way too much to do.  And so do we.

Yes we have so much to do now that we have all these things to help us keep track of everything we have to do, that no matter what we just have more to do.  And when could we ever get around to having our kids do any chores?

Do you have any idea of how to get kids to do chores and why you might even want them to do any?  Could it be related in any way to being a teenager?  Do chores start earlier?  What do you think will happen to these kids who never do any chores?

Whew- lots of questions.  Got any ideas or answers?  If so I suggest you hit the comment button and let us know.

Is It Tomorrow Yet?

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Here it is late at night for me.  Not so late for some of my kids.  I remember that days when I had all my kids in bed by 8:00.  And I would be sleeping by 8:30.  Oh how I loved those days.  And we would all be up in the morning singing, happy and playing.  But now I have one child left who on her own- well almost on her own- gets up in the morning.

The other daughter at home is a SSSLLLLOOOOWWWW riser.  And with home schooling, she often forgets about the necessity of getting up.  So every now and then I spend the day letting her know and understand the privileges she gets.

Today was one of those days.  When she strolled downstairs at 9:00,  when she had her breakfast at 9:30, when she did her math test in pajamas, when she got to go for a bike ride after lunch, and now that she has just gotten home from dance she does not have to stay up for the next two hours to get her homework done.

These are her privileges for now.  And what do I get out of her being home schooled?

Sometimes it’s as easy as pie to understand.  You see I am just like you.  I have all kinds of stuff to do.  Busy stuff that really doesn’t mean too bits of anything if I get it done or not.  Only somehow it SEEMS like if I don’t get it done I, or one of my kids, will just fall all apart.

And so with home schooling I have this time when we are not actually crazy with that stuff.  But really the thing is that no matter how you raise your kids.  You get consumed with all the stuff.

So here’s what I am doing- writing you- and then I will go up and read to my kids, know that whatever is on my list that did not get done again today will still be on my list tomorrow and the next tomorrow and the next.

Because tomorrow I get to start again, but it will never be today again.  You know that old cliche- Only it is true.  You just do what you can today.  Be thankful you have your kids and know that one day you won’t have them. You better really know that because no matter what you do, they will be gone.  And anything else would be too sad to think about.

Night all. Sleep well- I am sure I will now that I have shared this with you.

With Our Busy Schedules, What Are Your 3 Valid Tips for Getting Dinner Ready in a Flash?

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With Our Busy Schedules, What Are Your 3 Valid Tips for Getting Dinner Ready in a Flash?

You know it is truly a miracle that everyday we can do what we as moms do. Who knew that all these modern conveniences would give us all the freedom to run around like chickens with our heads chopped off.

And now we get to have a contest,, to try and help each other out of some major daily hassle.

As for me, the dinner thing comes and goes in cycles. For a while I have it all under control. Then you know what hits the fan.

But all in all here are my three best proven tricks to help lesson the hassle of getting dinner on the table- and BTW I do make almost all dinners by scratch.

Best tip- have a menu for the week. You sit down once a week and get it done. No nonsense! Pick your main course, your veggies, carb, be sure to think about condiments and all that goes with the meal. Then put your grocery list together. And post your menu where EVERYONE can see it. Now follow it.

OK I know this is not exactly simple to get going. There are plenty of hassles that can get in the way. But here is the cool thing to do. My second tip- Find a site that has the recipes and use them.

My other favorite thing to smooth the dinner transition is to have the table set for dinner right after breakfast. No one leaves the house till the dinner table is set. This give everyone, including me, the understanding that dinner is valued in our house.

These are my fav ways to get dinner in the groove. Do you have a fav? I’d love to add them to my personal list. Just put in your comment and lets help each other out.

Poop Pie up Your Nose-Man was I pissed!

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Man, I am pissed off.  Well, actually at this moment I have had a time to cool off.  But here’s the story- with as few details as I can put in.  Cause I know parents will get the picture.

Here are the characters- but not real names just in case, you know.



Supposed to have kid Divorced Parent of GirlA- PA

Other Divorced Parent of GirlA- OPA

Parent of GirlB – PB

And the only reason I mention anything about divorce is because to help you understand a bit more.

OK my 9 year old daughter and her two friends decided to have a sleep over at my house.  And the plan was set, we thought, with all necessary parents on board. By necessary I mean PA and PB.

Then we got word from the other parent (OPA) that there was a problem this weekend and the visitation was being altered. So the “BIG” sleepover for Saturday sort of fizzled out.

And that was OK.  But here’s the tough part.  This morning we find that PA has called and made plans with PB to have GA go to GB’s house.  And that after lunch GA will come over to play at my house.  And of course we all know that no one wants to leave one house when the play has just really begun.

Now mind you it was the girls who begged their parents to have the sleepover and play time at my house.  It was not that my daughter was not liked or wanted.  Both the other girls love my daughter.  After all, being a parent for 25 years I can tell when my kid is not liked.  And it is not the case here.

I was unaware of this new arrangement.  Oh yeah, last night I talked with PA and even though the sleepover wasn’t going to happen, the day of playing was still on.

I called PA this morning.  I threw out the idea of going to a fall festival. That’s when I was told of the new plan.  Then an hour later PA and I talked again.  And it seemed to me that the girls would all be going to the festival.  And before we went we would have the dogs and girls run around for an hour together.

Next thing I know is that GirlA is at GirlB’s house.  And GirlA would come over after lunch.  SO you know it didn’t happen.  But I did talk with PB.  She was totally understanding and sympathetic and I do believe had no idea of all this stuff.

Then PA calls and is going to bring GirlA over right after going to the grocery store- around 12.  At 1:00 I took my daughter to the field to run the puppy- who by the way hadn’t gotten run yet.  We got back at 2.  (We live in small village, and had left a note on the door incase GirlA showed up.)

And of course you know they did not come over.  Now I’ve got a really moping and pissed off nine-year old.  And it’s NOOOO fun to have that let me tell you.  My day had gone from great to sucky just like hers.

But PB called, not realizing the time and to have my daughter come right over.  I was pretty relieved! And PB was shocked that PA had not come by.

Now I have never in my life been a gossiper, or defender of myself when others have gossiped about me- and it has cost me a lot over the years I have to say.

But I stood there with my friend – PB- and just let it all out about PA.  It was actually a really healthy thing for me to do.  I doubt if I will now become a gossiper, but this was a truly cathartic experience.  No tears, no huge expression of emotions, just letting something that had been going on for years be released.

I’ll let you know how I react after I see PA again.

But now I am feeling really relaxed.  I know that I showed my daughter, who really wanted to take a poop pie and shove up PA’s nose- a great way to handle the crap that gets dished your way.  Although I think I would feel way more satisfied if I could do the poop pie method!

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