Reduce Daily Overwhelm w/ Memorial Day Intervention

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Happy Memorial Day
And Motivational Monday


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pass it along to your friends.

Again thanks to those who emailed me
with your concerns and issues.
It’s still important to email your concerns-
You joined GEM Parenting because
need help with your parenting.
You want to understand and develop
your parenting, reduce your stress and
overwhelm, and let your kids grow up
with natural high self-esteem.

And you certainly don’t want the national hazard
of having a brat for a kid.

And for some reason that just isn’t so simple.

Send in your concerns and issues.
Get your guidance.
And help others who are suffering with your issue,
but not quite ready to share.

I will send you a personal response and
for those who are willing to share even more,
I will put our Q & A on the blog-

Of course with your personal stuff removed.


Today is Memorial Day here in the USA.

What does that mean to you?
Why is it so important?
And what can you do today, this week to enhance
this day for your children?

I think one thing that we do for Memorial Day is to
think this is the beginning of summer,
a day off work, a day to have fun and relax.

Why is it important to have this kind of day?
Rather simple: we have the right to pursue happiness.

Yes, this simple idea, just a few hundred years ago
was unheard of.  Only a very small portion of
the population was even allowed to “think”
this way. And here we are: Knowing that
this is our right.

With this right has come better living standards, better health,
better education, better roads and transportation,
better communication, even better religion.

And more and more toys than we can imagine.
That’s the catch that is not part of our constitution:
There is responsibility that comes with the pursuit
of happiness.

Some say we have gone overboard with our pursuit of happiness.
And yes we sort of have.

For you as a parent here is how you can keep
Memorial Day present and reduce your
own stress at the same time.

Take time to think about “How will this purchase,
this program for my kids, this pursuit of happiness
actually help in my pursuit of happiness?”

This simple tactic can help you make decisions
with a criteria for your family.  You will reduce your
overwhelm.  Give it a try and let me know
what happens.

Today take a moment to remember and thank
those who thought you deserved your
party, boat, TV, cars, house, bar-b-que,
clothes, travel, pets, makeup, books,
ipods, computers, phones, comfy sofas,

Many risked their lives so you can pursue your happiness.
Happy Memorial Day

On My Home Front

(By the way- Any better ideas of a name for this section?)

This past week I took my 16-year-old daughter to Lake Placid
for training in aerials skiing.
On Tuesday evening we went to our last yoga class together for five months.
I silently cried through most of the class.  On the way home
that daughter lashed out at her youngest sister , then me.
Totally uncharacteristic of her.

I knew what was happening.  It was so hard for her to leave us,
even though following her dream and talent is so special,
that by getting mad at us would make it easier to leave.

I told her that.

When we got in the house
she broke down and sobbed.  We had
a family sob fest for a while.

When we got up to leave on Wed we were
all much better.

She is there, loving her training, and we will see her
at the end of June.

And I do miss her terribly.

On the other hand I am in the midst of giving my 12 turning 13
her birthday party.

It’s a 24 hr sleepover- with 18 kids to start- 3 went home before the sleepover.
Tie dyed tank tops,
Relay races
Tank top signature pass
Swim at town pool
Man hunt- kind of flashlight tag
Asleep by 11:30

I am up with the birds.
The kids are asleep.
But when they get up
Birthday Breakfast-
Waffles, vanilla ice cream, crushed fresh strawberries and whipped cream-
My mouth is watering just writing this to you.

We have no real activity this morning
other than that.

They leave at 12:00.

Great to chat.
Love to hear what is going on at your house.

Time for me to crush strawberries and you to
Parent with passion, purpose and integrity,


PS:  On Wednesday check here for:
How to Use Positive Intervention With a Lying 13-Year-Old.

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