How to bring a moment of peace to your parenting

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Hi there ,

It’s Motivational Monday once again.
Last week I asked you to focus on your
own personal peace and honor.

How’d it go?

Were you able to find any peace?
Could you honor that peace?

It’s often hard to find the way to honor yourself when you
are a busy parent.

I do want you to remember that you can take moments.
You need to start just like your children,
with baby steps.

This week I want to suggest you say out loud-
twice a day- “I honor my peace.”

You can start in the bathroom with the shower
running, where no one can hear you.
Or outdoors where you are free also.

Then let your self really feel peace,
take a deep breath,
either close your eyes
or look at something that
seems peaceful to you,
and let the flow of peace
come over your whole being.

As you begin to practice this
you will be able to let this
flow of peace happen
whenever and wherever
you need it.

You have the control of your peace.
It is not elusive.
It is yours to create and manifest
as you desire.

Again, this week I want you to
stay with peace and honor.

Build this into a part of your
parenting. Let your
peace be free to come to you.

You need this peace to be able to
raise your children with self-esteem
and calmness
and stop the stress
that burns you up at night.

Get it in the day and you can also bring
your peace into your nights when
you lie awake wondering if you have made
the right decisions.

Have a great day, and
Parent with Passion, Purpose, and Integrity,


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