Balanced Life fo Unitarian Universalist Moms

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Are you

  • Female Unitarian at home mom between 30 and 50 years old
  • Children aged 4 to 12
  • Grappling with education or home schooling
  • Have a higher education
  • Making a change from how you were brought up
  • Spiritual curiosity
  • Liberal politics
  • Interested in energy transformations-EFT and Reiki in particular
  • Wanting to understand and use Law of Attraction
  • Leery of mass media
  • Interested in well-being of family-specifically nutrition, exercise/activity, communication-
  • Holistic parenting
  • Children who are very high achievers
  • Wanting to use positive intervention
  • Read hard cover books
  • Listen to NPR
  • Read blogs,
  • Love the outdoors and feel stifled by being indoors too much
  • Long term breast feeding
  • Family bed
  • Attachment parenting
  • Feel somehow separate from other moms, liked by many, but not as someone who is invited over.
  • Feeling inadequate as a mom, even though everything looks just “fine” to others.

Are these your Burning issues?

1: How to be this person with all the pressures that surround me? There are the social norms, the media that hits even when I don’t let my kids watch TV or go on line, family pressures, husband who is a bit put off by the out of the box parenting but going along with it- for now at least.

2: How can I support my kids in their achievements but not become the pushy parent with the needs? Is there any real way to be a supportive parent and not get too involved?

3: How can I maintain my sanity when there is all this energy change and I have no idea of what is best for my family or me? How can I make any good decision when there is just way too much to choose from?

BIG OVER ALL PROBLEM: Is there any escape from this totally overwhelming stress inducing thing called “Good Parenting”??????

Yes join me for UU Moms for a Balanced Life

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