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I know it has been
just about forever since
I last really wrote here.

I have been just plain out

You may know that I have
children who compete in skiing.

And this year was a bananza of a year.

Competitions every weekend,
many weekdays, and
still a few more in the future.
(Plus daily training)

Yes there is still snow up here in NH,
but days like this have it melting
like crazy.

the important thing is that
I am back to support you.

The first thing I am going to
do is resume my radio show.

Its been a great way
to just get out what is
killing you with parenting.

My next one will be
April 3
from 8:30am to 8:45eastern time.

Yep its really short-
I know you are too busy
to hang out for more than

And it makes the
time much more
energized and
special for you!

The topic?

Law Of Attraction,
spiritual attunement,
and attachment parenting

There is a magical mix with these
three entities.

Here’s the link so you
can call in,
chat in the lounge,
or just be able to listen.


As always the best shows
talk about your
“keep you up
at night worries”.

It’s those things that you
just can’t get away from.

You can email them to me
if you are not ready to
talk out loud.

And what ever you do-
parent with
Passion, Purpose, and Integrity.

I am really looking forward
to getting back with you.

I know it has been hard
for you with me
just gone for so long.

Anyway we are back on track now!


PS: be sure to forward this email
to any friends who you think might
be interested.

PPS: Prize for the first caller-
***Your choice***
30 minutes coaching session

for group of up to ten of your friends


podcast on

Serious Small Town Snow Day Blues Here

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Today is a snow day in NH. The public schools are out. When we lived in CT a snow day was as exciting for us as it was for the school kids because we always had a house full of kids those days. But now we live in a tiny village in NH. It has great advantages, but today the glaring disadvantage is really glaring us in the face.

There are only 39 kids here from 5 years old to fourteen years old. And the next town is a distance away.

Story of eight-year-old daughter today: This morning my daughter invited a friend to come over, but the father and the girl said that she wanted to go to work with her dad. So we called the next girl. That girl and her mother said they were going slow for the morning, but the girl would come over for lunch and the afternoon. I called about 12:30 to see when they would arrive.

No answer. I guessed they must have decided to go skiing. There was some mention that the mother might go skiing, and I thought maybe the girl decided to go with her mom.

I tried girl number three. And was told that they already had too many kids over and just couldn’t handle one more. THE OTHER TWO GIRLS were over there. I am crushed. My daughter thankfully has NO idea. And hopefully won’t.

Story of twelve-year-old daughter: The other two girls who are in this town are too entirely different from my daughter for her to even think of playing with. My daughter likes to play outside, be imaginative. The others hate the outside and are very “plugged in” kids. She tried to call kids from out of town, but they just couldn’t come.

Since my kids are home schooled they are accustomed to not having lots of kids all day long. But one of the dilemmas is that we used to be a haven for other kids. Now we are not.

It’s all part of the small town politics. We somehow got out of the “in” crowd and when that is the only group in your town it really shows up when you are out. Oh, the reasons are varied. It could be that we had lice years ago, even though we were not the first in town to have them. It could be we home school. It could be that my eight-year-old has had tantrums. It could be that we are not very “plugged in” or don’t eat junk food. It could be that these two children of mine just don’t really like each other.

Right now my girls are working at playing together. I am writing out my sadness for this turn of events, and then I will lift myself up from my bootstraps and take them out for a cross-country ski for an hour.

It’s tough to be the kind of parent I am – constantly using positive intervention, Law of Attraction, and being sure my kids have high self-esteem – and have my kids be left out of such things as play dates.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or similar situations PLEASE take a moment to share. Now I will atke my own advice and…

Live this day with
Passion, Purpose, and Integrity
Thanks, Grace

Balanced Life fo Unitarian Universalist Moms

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Are you

  • Female Unitarian at home mom between 30 and 50 years old
  • Children aged 4 to 12
  • Grappling with education or home schooling
  • Have a higher education
  • Making a change from how you were brought up
  • Spiritual curiosity
  • Liberal politics
  • Interested in energy transformations-EFT and Reiki in particular
  • Wanting to understand and use Law of Attraction
  • Leery of mass media
  • Interested in well-being of family-specifically nutrition, exercise/activity, communication-
  • Holistic parenting
  • Children who are very high achievers
  • Wanting to use positive intervention
  • Read hard cover books
  • Listen to NPR
  • Read blogs,
  • Love the outdoors and feel stifled by being indoors too much
  • Long term breast feeding
  • Family bed
  • Attachment parenting
  • Feel somehow separate from other moms, liked by many, but not as someone who is invited over.
  • Feeling inadequate as a mom, even though everything looks just “fine” to others.

Are these your Burning issues?

1: How to be this person with all the pressures that surround me? There are the social norms, the media that hits even when I don’t let my kids watch TV or go on line, family pressures, husband who is a bit put off by the out of the box parenting but going along with it- for now at least.

2: How can I support my kids in their achievements but not become the pushy parent with the needs? Is there any real way to be a supportive parent and not get too involved?

3: How can I maintain my sanity when there is all this energy change and I have no idea of what is best for my family or me? How can I make any good decision when there is just way too much to choose from?

BIG OVER ALL PROBLEM: Is there any escape from this totally overwhelming stress inducing thing called “Good Parenting”??????

Yes join me for UU Moms for a Balanced Life


Raising Your Self-Esteem in Tough Times

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I have been lucky to
be able to do some interviews.

This one is with
Paul Nadrowski about
Raising Your Self Esteem in Tough Times.

There are two interviews:

Raising Your Self Esteem in Tough Times- 1
This is twenty one minutes long

Raising Your Self Esteem in Tough Times- 2
This is thirty two minutes long

And we have one more we are
going to do.

Have a Fantastic Friday!
Parent with Passion, Purpose, and Integrity,


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