Mom uses positive intervention. Can you?

February 26, 2009 at 2:36 pm | Posted in 1 | Leave a comment
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Today I was out having breakfast with my friend and of course we had a small pack of kids with us. After we ate the kids went out side, but wince they did not have on their snow clothes we did ask them to play out of the snow. Tough order for NH kids!

We could see out the window and a mild tussle was happening between he older and younger kids. And sort of naturally the older kids were winning. One of the younger kids slipped on the ice. He came running in to his mom.

Now like all moms she had lots of options. She could have pooh-poohed the whole incident, tried to find out what REALLY happened, blame the other child, blamed her child.

Since we were just leaving the breakfast shop we got in our respective cars to meet a little later on. When we met an hour later here is what she did. NONE of the above.

She helped- that means she did not tell- her child to understand that there were other options than just running in to mom. And the real issue was that somehow his feelings or pride was hurt (as well as his head that he hit) and as he grows older to face these feelings, get away from the group for a moment and then get back involved would be a good way to handle these kinds of situations.

What a great mom. No blame, no justification, simply a new way to handle a tough situation.

Now as you go through your trials and tribulations as a parent try to leave out the blame, guilt, or be tough stuff. Guide with positive intervention.
When you use positive intervention you aare sure to raise your child with solid and natural high self-esteem

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