Some Unorthodox Potty Training Tips

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Are you in the midst of potty training? Sort of able to get things going, but not really having much luck? Looking for some tried an tested methods from a mom? Then read on.
The first thing I want you to do is relax.
Your child will potty train.

And through the process you can learn some
pretty interesting things about yourself and her.

The next thing I want you to do is to understand this is a

One of the things we have gone to as a society is
looking at the product not the process. In this case
being potty trained rather than the time and effort
involved the training.

But we are human beings, not machines,
so as you go through the process of potty training look for
humor, look for stress, look for understanding,
and look for patience, look for who controls things.

Look for all these in both you and your daughter.
As you go along see what feels right emotionally as
well as what gets the results you want- i.e. pee in the potty.

Now here is what you really want to know about.
The real unorthodox tips for potty training:

Number 1-For any where between one week and four weeks
every two hours you and your daughter go potty at the same time.
This mean you sit on your potty and she sits on hers.

Try to see who can make the tinkle sound first.
Play pat a cake as you wait
Sometimes softly running water helps things along.

Number 2-Have a few potties around the house.
One in each bathroom that will be used. Certainly one on each floor.
I also had one near the bed. With a boot tray under it so that
any spills went onto that.

I also brought the potty around with me for a month
or so. It was just the pee catcher part, not the whole thing.

This is a real out there thing that I did.
I spent a great deal of time in my kitchen so
I had a potty right there.- Sort of near the trash-LOL.

And the kind of potty is also helpful.
The most helpful potty is the old fashioned
wooden kind that folds up and has a tray in front.
I would give my daughters things to do, eat, look at
while sitting on the potty.

These all help your child to know the
feeling of needing to go potty.

Number 3-Be calm about the whole thing.

And reflect if there is any sort of feelings on your part
of her babyhood going away, any kind of emotion
that your baby is going off to preschool already.

These can get in the way of the process of her potty training
and are PERFECTLY natural and normal. Don’t let anyone fool you,
most mommies have these mixed feelings.


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  1. These are all great tips. And if your potty training 3 year old boys, I would suggest also giving a little tough love 😉 Thanks

    • Thanks for sharing. Jessica has a fantastic way of helping young boys. If you are in the need check her out.

  2. When learning how to potty train a toddler it is best to always stay consistent, persistent and positive!

  3. Some people start WAY to early. I had a women come up to be just last week and ask if I would help coach her to potty train her 5 month year old. Don,t start till at least 18 months people!

    • Its a real challenge in this day and age to help parents to allow the child to grow at the rate that is best for them- So cudos to you for encouraging potty training start at a healthy age.

  4. Thanks for sharing this informative article

  5. I agree with the sentiments in the first paragraph – potty training will happen – you don’t see many kids in college still in diapers. just relax and be supportive and when they are ready they will do it!

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