Stop Gap to Being an Unmotivated Parent

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Its Motivational Monday and do you have any thing to be motivated about?
There are those days when you just feel like the whole world is against you. From yourself to the very ones you know love you the most.

When these days occur as a parent you can really get stressed and overwhelmed. It seems that you are just going through some motion and it really doesn’t matter if you do much of anything because you just know that it will come out all wrong.

BUT WAIT- there are things for you to do. First, you have got to take just a moment to eat some thing healthy and have a nice drink of plain water, milk, herbal tea. Many times when you are feeling so deprived in your life it is totally associated with not having healthy food intake. And beware all the fake healthy food stuff. If in doubt eat or drink plain fruit, hard cheese, veggies, and drink plain water. Most water that has anything added had stuff that is not really good for you. It’s often just unfizzzy soda!

Now after you take the time for a snack you’ll be starting to get out of “I am not good at anything.”

The next thing I want you to try is to actually read, sing, or play a game with your kids. Even if they are the ones who are putting you in this miserable state, cause you know what? If you didn’t have kids you would be in this miserable state anyway. You would just have another reason. So take some time to read, play, sing, and yes this is with older kids and teens as well. And if you really can’t get yourself to do this, try taking a walk.

Now look at your world, is it truly as horrible as you think? Is everything really against you? OR more likely have you put it together to be this way? Have you put more negatives on things than are reality?

It’s super easy to do. So when you get in the slump of being totally unmotivated, feeling the world is just one anti you, give yourself a kick in the pants and pull yourself up by the bootstraps. And if this persists as in real depression then for goodness sake don’t read this and get some real help.

Bottom line:
GEM Parenting’s Monday Motivation for today:
Check your healthy food intake status, take time to do something relaxing with your kids, and change your attitude or get help to do that.

Have a great day!


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