The day ended with Burnt Soup

February 11, 2009 at 8:50 pm | Posted in 1 | Leave a comment
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I started today with the idea that I would find wonder in my life. I would find wonder in my parenting. I would find wonder in my children.
Instead I began with my 16 year old daughter needing to change her competition plans for the weekend-meaning I had to be in contact with coaches and rearrange travel plans. These changes were for my benefit as well. It meant I would not be driving twelve hours this weekend.
Then we jumped in the car to have a very flat tire.
When AAA came they could not get the spare to come down. So it had to be towed.
And at this very same time the condo maintenance guy who was fixing our floor from some fall flooding episodes came and began shoveling exactly where the girls had made a sledding shoot. He had finally come back to get something done so we could use the room for the rest of the winter. he did fix the sledding start. But he had to leave because we had stuff on the cement and he could not put the floor down.
I spent a few hours getting things arranged for my daughter, to find that the race that she was going to on Thursday was canceled. So she was staying home tonight.
OK, we got to have her home for dinner.
The garage where the car was towed informed me the tire was shot-I did know this already- so I had to pump out money for two new tires since the other was really bad too.
In the late afternoon I made a really good turkey soup, set it to boil, and
Yep you guessed it, left it to boil when I went to physical therapy, which was at the nearby pool. So my whole family went to the pool for a swim.
Its really great how the smoke detectors worked. The smoke was truly pea soup thick, and those obnoxious noise makers when we cook toast or open the bathroom door after a shower were silent!
Dinner was now a new idea, clean up a necessity, and wonder gone.
But I clung to my wonder. I thought good and hard and did find wonder that I actually did not cry or become hysterical or yell at my kids.
That was truly a day filled with wonder.


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