Are You Up For Wonder?

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I call today Wonderful Wednesday. I call it this because I think there is wonder in the day. Not just in the common sense of good things happening, but in the more spiritual mystical sense of actual wonder. Here is the Encarta World English Dictionary definition:

won·der n
1. amazed admiration or awe, especially at something very beautiful or new
2. a miracle or other cause of intense admiration or awe

exciting admiration or amazement by virtue of being outstandingly good, effective, or unusual

1. vti to speculate or be curious to know about something
2. vi to be in a state of amazed admiration or awe

Encarta® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

With these different kinds of wonder we have levels of wonder. One level of wonder is to be interested. If you are a parent and you take time to be totally and completely interested in your kids today, putting yourself in their shoes, you will find a new and wholly different way of connecting and communicating.

Remember what you were like when you were their age. What were you reactions to the world? Did you have everything all set? Were your parents aware of you? Did they help you? Did they do things for you?

Now go a step deeper. Find the wonder of being a parent. Find within yourself what you know is amazing. Let that shine. Polish it. Bring it out and let your children find wonder in you.

There is the saying, “What goes Around Comes Around.” Let wonder flow in you, around you, and from you. Let wonder go today. See where it goes and how it comes back.

Share your experience in the comments. They are wonderful!

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