A weekend of Events for my family

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What I weekend I just had. It actually started on Friday. My 16 year-old daughter had an aerials competition. That is doing flips on skis. She is new to the sport this winter. And guess what! She won.

Then my father flew in from Oklahoma. Great to have him with us.

Then on Saturday the same daughter had a moguls competition. For this my 82 year-old father and I both began climbing up the mountain. As we were going I saw one of my friends who works at the mountain and drives the snow mobile with supplies. I flagged him down. He gave my dad a ride to the STEEP part. Came back and got me. And we hiked the remaining portion of the hardest part of the mountain. Remember we were going in snow. So I kicked out steps the whole way up for my father. (My toes were a little tired on Sunday.) We got there in time to see the competition. And my daughter made the cut for the second run. Yahoo. I left my father up there with my youngest daughter and husband.

And I fairly ran down the mountain.

I had to get my 12-year-old daughter to a special dance program in town- 30 minutes away. Once I got her settled, I high tailed it back to the mountain. My friend brought me back up and I was there just as the second run was starting.

Once again I was there to see my daughter. As soon as the girls were done my dad and I began our careful descent, again I made steps. And as soon as we were at a level where my friend could get my dad he rode down the rest of the way.

Let me tell you it was a wonderful sight to see my dad zooming along on that snow mobile, holding on for dear life, and the grin of “whoopee this is fun” was priceless.

And when I got down my 16 year-old had gone over to the park. (The park is where there are jumps to do tricks and boxes and rails to slide across.) She was going to do a competition there on Sunday and needed to learn how to do the boxes.

For the afternoon my 8 year old had gone to her ski group. But before they went out they had the awards ceremony for the mogul competition that they had last weekend. We did not know it was happening. So with her friends and other parents, she went to the ceremony. And she won! She had the best run of all. She was elated. When we found out we were sorry to have missed it.

As soon as the skiing was done my two daughters and I jumped in the car and headed to town. We had a dress rehearsal and lighting session for a performance.

You see my 12 year old had choreographed a dance for my three girls. And submitted it for an audition. And her dance was accepted. There were nine out of about sixty. Quite a thing. And she was the only child who choreographed the dance. All the others were dance teachers. And the performance was Saturday night.

As soon as the rehearsal was over we went home had dinner and went back to for the performance. As we were getting in the car there was tension. And I had to get things back under control. My husband is not good with this kind of frazzled activity. He was grumbled some rather unpleasant comment about the 8 year old.

I just stopped the car. Spoke to each person in my car (Well except my father) and reminded them of the behavior they were capable of doing and the expectations I had for them to use their inner strength to actually behave calmly and civilly. And it worked. We were off.

Just before the performance was a dessert reception- No desserts for my kids then. But they stocked up for later.

And we went back to the dressing room and got ready. It was not anything like any of the millions of recitals I have been to. There were only the nine groups. There were a few adults around. And someone came to the door and said, “Five minutes” and that was it. We were ready, calmly walked to the back stage went to the side stage. We were second. No one told us anything to do. After the first group was done the girls went on stage. Just like that. No on telling them to do anything. And the dance was absolutely perfect. They danced to Vivaldi’s “Fall” of The Four Seasons.

Of course when the whole performance was finished, we hung round a bit and the girls were complimented over and over. Some said it was their favorite piece of all.

Yesterday, Sunday was another day of competitions and a race. The 16 year old had a slope style competition in the morning. This means she came over three big jumps, and did a small jump and finished by going over a long box. And at the same time my 12 year old had a GS race. And the eight year old was in her group doing the mountain challenge- trying to ski every run on the mountain. In the afternoon the 16 year old had the half pipe competition.

So I went to the race, saw where they were, went back to the place where the slope style was and was there with one minute to spare. My daughter was fantastic. She did a huge spread eagle, then she did a front flip and finished with a double spread eagle. Her low tricks were a 360 spin and a twister slide on the box. Then I ran back to the race. Mind you this is going up and down the mountain on the hard packed snow.

I was there with five minutes to spare before my 12 year old. She had a nice run, but it was not her best.

I went in for lunch with the eight and 12 year olds. Then I went back to the slope style competition. Saw the second run. Still spectacular, but the wind had picked up so she did not do the flip. Then my father and I went in for warmth and lunch.

After lunch I watched the half pipe competition warm ups, but had to leave before they started to see the 12 year old. Again she had a good run, but she made a mistake and was not as fast as she wanted to be.

Back to the half pipe, my father along this time. We saw the second run of the half pipe. Amazing what these kids can do on skis.

And after all that we had awards.
The sixteen year old cleaned up. She won the slope style and the half pipe, AND she won the two over all awards. And she won a puffy black jacket.

The 12 year old came in sixth. Not bad, but not where she wanted to be.

Then things began to break down. The 12 year old was miserable that she had done fine while her big sister had done an extraordinary thing. And the eight year-old began to have melt down.

The 16 year old was very wise and went to the academy where her friends were and had dinner there. I fed the rest of us, soothed the 12 year old and helped her remember that she has other talents and all talents do not get awards and recognitions. It was a sticky situation. Trying to be elated for one, and sympathetic for the other. And keeping the third from tantrumming about anything and everything.

Anyway they did all get the attention they needed. And I was exhausted. We went to bed at 7:00, read a while and slept.

Today we are a bit tired, a bit cranky, but mostly thrilled with having had a weekend filled with the opportunity to shine and sparkle.

After writing all this I am exhausted all over again.

Take care and have a wonderful day,



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