New Years Resolutions With Your Family

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Its Motivational Monday and Christmas is over
And of course New Years is approaching.

There are many theories about New Years resolutions. The mere thought of them can cause some people to sweat. Others try to ignore these ways of showing your shortcomings. And still others try to set up Resolutions, but they then leave them with some other lost pile of junk- if not in reality at least in their mind.

You may well be in one of these categories. And it is true-what good is a resolution if it will only causes you stress and reinforces your feelings of overwhelm? Not any at as far as I am concerned.


I am an avid believer in New Years Resolutions.
On New Years Day my family sits around and each person writes their single or multiple New Years Resolution down. (Of course if they can’t write they can dictate.)
We look at these resolutions as simple, fun ways to improve our living. I do guide my children when they choose or word something so it will not be difficult, overwhelming, or stress inducing. I think of these moments as ways of helping my children to learn to evaluate, not judge, themselves. Look for something they want to improve about themselves, yet not get bogged down in it.

My family has been doing this forever. And there isn’t a resolution that hasn’t been accomplished. As we go along for the next few months I will help the kids with ways of making their changes. And when they fall back into old patterns I am gentle, but firm that this is the behavior they decided to change. I ask them how they want to handle this time. I let them know that change is hard. We all have tough times changing. And when they are able to actually make a slight change I am sure to let them know I noticed. I do not give false praise. I may be super simple. “I see you were able to not yell at your sister at dinner.” I keep it a fact. It is not some way that they win favors, either in attention, bribes, or rewards. They cannot manipulate me by doing the corrected behavior. What they get is a true understanding of internal self-satisfaction.

As the year passes I make a point of stating months away-in June, Sept and especially Dec, the progress they have made. At any point when a sibling tries to induce the unwanted behavior, I guide the sibling to understanding that they are for support of the difficult changes. Most times the sibling backs off. But they are only human and of course have some innate need to squabble.

Right now we are beginning to think about what we will resolve to do in 2009.

Anyway, I love New Years Resolutions. Would love to have them be as fun and useful in your house as they are in mine.

For you to get a much clearer understanding of how to apply these resolutions to your family check out:

GEM Parenting Secrets Presents: New Years With a Twist of High Self-Esteem Podcast

You can find it at

about two thirds of the way down.

Now start your New Year with
Passion, Purpose, and Integrity


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