Can You Share Your Self-Nurturing?

November 21, 2008 at 11:56 am | Posted in well being | Leave a comment
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Today is Friendly Friday.

And we are involved with Nurture Yourself this week.  As a parent and a person this is one of the most important areas you can work on.  You do need to deeply nurture yourself.  Find the 15 minutes to give yourself the attention and nurturing that will rejuvenate you.

And today I want you to spread the wealth.  Invite someone to join you.  It can be one of your children, it can be a neighbor, it can be your pet, and it can be me or another on-line buddy.  Just invite them. 

But you are saying, ‘Grace, what am I inviting them to?”  You are inviting them to self-nurture with you.  This week two of my daughters and I had a round-robin foot massage with peppermint foot scrub.  It took about 20 minutes.  We laughed, tickled each other’s feet, and also relaxed together.  It was a great way for me to share my Self Nurturing.

I have also been twittering (more on what that another time) with a friend, @GypseyOwl, when and what we are doing for self-nurturing.  We have been together, although virtually.  It’s been great fun.

When you take the time to make a date to self-nurture you are letting yourself know that you are worthy of attention.  This attention that you give yourself allows you to rebuild the leaks and holes that have been sinking your ship.  You know what I mean.  When you are so low on energy you can hardly figure out if you really do love your children: Or if there is any pasta for dinner. 

Your ship, your ability to parent with your strength, requires maintenance.  This is self-nurturing.  Unfortunately, there are many of us who were neither allowed nor taught how to self-nurture.

There are pretty much two upbringings that disregard self-nurturing.  Either you were brought up to think it was a waste of time, selfish, immature, and something you were not worthy of.  Or you were brought up to scoff at those who took time to nurture themselves.  They were rich, didn’t care for their children, and didn’t have a real life anyway.

Now you can find a new way to look at self-nurturing.  First and foremost-YOU are worth it.  Almost every study and discussion on good health for centuries espouses the need for rest and respite, just other names for self-nurturing.  Next ,it is as essential as getting your car oil changed, cleaning your oven, and taking out the trash.  Like or not you do these things.  Why not nurture yourself?

And when you invite a friend along you do two things.  You commit yourself to your self-nurturing and you give the gift to someone else. So whom will you invite to be your self-nurture buddy?

Have a great weekend.

Up here in the mountains of NH, our local ski area is opening.  I’m going to ski in just a day.  That will definitely be self-nurturing for me.

As you and your buddy self-nurture, remember to do it with Passion, Purpose, and Integrity.



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