How to Start to Self Nurture

November 20, 2008 at 7:48 am | Posted in Self Esteem | 2 Comments
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Today is Thoughtful Thursday.  I want you to think today.  Be aware of how you talk to yourself.  Remember this is Nurture Yourself week.

I want you to keep tabs on two kinds of self-thoughts.  The first are your negative self-thoughts.  The others are your encouraging positive self-thoughts.  On a slip of paper that you can carry around with you for the day, have two columns.

On the left put a check next to each time you think negatively about yourself, speak negatively to yourself, talk negatively about yourself to others, or agree with others (silently or verbally) when they speak about you or treat you negatively.  Just a check.  Nothing else.

On the right, I want you to have a column for the opposite.  Each time you think positively about yourself, speak positively to yourself, talk positively about yourself to others, or agree with others (silently or verbally) when they speak about you or treat you positively.  Only on this column I want you to put a star for each of these entries.  I want you to pay just a bit of attention to these.  Let them sink in and feel good.  Let them be a gentle hug and a warm cloak.  Wear them well.

I want you to be aware of the negatives and focus on the positives.  I know I said to do this for today, but you will have a real benefit if you do this for a week.  If you do this for a week, you may see a trend of when you are more negative- it might be around certain times, it might be around certain functions and activities, it might be connected to certain people.

When you see the pattern then you can begin to adjust your negative thinking and actions.  You can replace and redo these thoughts.  But it is best to have a plan and a way to actually know what you are doing.

Start with this plan.  Keep the checks and stars going for a week.  As you get better at it you can put down time/location/activity with them.  But keep all this very simple and succinct or you will never do it.

Take the time right now to set up your slip of paper, start your checks and stars.  Carry it with you today.  And please think of this as a light and easy exercise.

By giving yourself this attention and nurturing, you begin the process to be able to find your triggers, both negative and positive.  This beginning will allow you to be able to find the confidence to trust yourself, know how to deal with life’s ups and downs.  You will begin to change from one without strength to one with a strong and comfortable self-esteem.  

Enjoy your day and

Parent and live with Passion, Purpose, and Integrity,



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