Concentrate on the Small Wonders

November 12, 2008 at 7:43 am | Posted in dads, Families, moms, Mothers, parents, Self Esteem | 2 Comments
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Good Morning. It is Wonderful Wednesday. That means you get to MAKE it full of wonder. Concentrate on the small wonders, appreciate them


These small wonders may be your children, or they may be your toes.  You know without your toes it is much harder to walk and balance? Of course it can be done.  You can get on without much.


Check this video out.


I had tears.

I had inspiration.

I am humbled.


Have a wonderful day and

Parent with Passion, Purpose, and Integrity,




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  1. I loved your meditation for the week about parents taking the time to nurture themselves, with an important side-effect of being a better parent.

    Maybe parenting has never been the world’s easiest job. With a parent’s having less and less control over her offspring’s environment, the parent-child relationship is more crucial than ever.

    When parents are stressed, their own self esteem often falls, dragging the child’s self worth down, too. Maintaining our relationship – first with ourselves – puts us in a space to communicate the unconditional acceptance and love we have for our child.

    A parent living on purpose with passion and integrity, who creates wonder and appreciation for herself is one who is Empowering For Change – guiding her child to create lives they will both love.

    • Billie,
      Thanks for your wonderful reply. You really say it all. It is crucial to know that as a parent your self esteem is critically related to your child’s.

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