Use Your Bathroom for a Parental Refuge

October 15, 2008 at 1:06 pm | Posted in children, dads, Families, moms, Mothers, parents, Self Esteem | Leave a comment
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Today I had to take a bit of my own medicine.  My kids were driving me crazy.  They were egging each other on, figuring just the exact thing that made the other one whine, shout, or just simply annoy each other.

I was preoccupied with LOTS going on.  You know, work related stuff, dishes, laundry, people coming for the weekend, bills-Oh my least favorite especially now-their school work.  And I am sure more than that.

I jumped right in with the kids for a while.  Then I pulled myself out.  Went to  my refuge-the bathroom- and locked the door.  And while there I got the answer.  I – yes it was me – who was at the bottom of this whole mess.  I was too preoccupied and they were lost.  

I came out ready to engage them.   They had spent the time getting more and more into each other’s hair.  with lots of NOISE.

I knew that sweet lovey dovey stuff was not going to work.  I simply ignored their stuff and spent totally fixed time going over what they needed to get done in the next fifteen minutes.  Their response was noisy at best, rude at worst.

I responded with “I know you don’t want to do it and that’s OK.”  I repeated this for a full five minutes till both were involved with their own things.  After that the day has been very smooth.

Take you time and get in control of yourself.  If you need to get away go to your personal refuge- we all have bathrooms.  Use your wisely.


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