Summer time

July 16, 2008 at 1:49 pm | Posted in children, dads, Families, moms, Mothers, parents, Self Esteem | Leave a comment
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Just a real quicky to let you know what a great summer my family is having.  we are truly living process rather product.  Last night the kids and I slept on the trampoline.  It was lots of fun, giggles and of course rather bouncy when ever anyone turned over!  Today the girls spent time being a house in the civil war that was part of the underground railroad.  We had lunch in our “Milk Carton Castle”  (We have a over 1000 milk cartons to make this structure)  It was blue-berry slump. Yummy!!  They also picked fresh raspberries from our very own patch.  

While they were playing, I did some emails, worked with clients, and set up a few new connections.  I also took my 16 year old dog to the vet for his check up.  He is in generally good health, needing some medication for heart troubles.  And as soon as I am done with this I am going to head to the pool on bicycle with the girls.  

Anyone can live this life.  Just be sure to live for the process, rather than the product. 

And as always, 

Parent with passion, purpose, and integrity,



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