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When you are confused about parenting the worst thing is to be bombarded with millions of alternative ideas.  I want to assure you that when you open an email from GEM Parenting there is only one thing we are going to share with you.  That is how to parent with high self-esteem.


Each week you will be getting a new skill or thought pattern.  Just enough so that you can put it into your brain, but not so much that you are over whelmed.  That is just what we are trying to get rid of for you.


This week you will be learning about process VS product.  With process parenting you are in the here and now with your child.  It is the journey that counts, not the destination.


You hear this about many aspects of your life.  But with parenting it has significance beyond yourself.  It is about how your kids actually are able to grow up.


When you parent with the process, the journey, rather than being preoccupied with the product you free yourself to give your child high self-esteem AND you get to enjoy your time with your children.


I want you to know that parenting may seem that it lasts forever, that it is the only thing in the world.  But it only lasts a split second of your life. 


Your babies come, change to children, emerge into teens, and catapult off to adulthood.  Twenty years is only a breath.


Breathe everyday of your parenting with passion purpose and integrity.


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P.S.  Parents of teens can learn to treasure these last breaths of parenting by joining Stop Teenage Attitude in it Tracks. 

If you know a parent of a teen be sure to pass this on to them.  They will love you for this.

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