Thoughtful Thursday: Positive Intervention

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I used Positive Intervention to stop over exuberance at a birthday party

Last weekend I had my youngest child’s birthday party.  We had twelve children including my two youngest. 

At one point we were playing Castle- the kids had played musical dress ups, and from there we evolved into castle with my daughter being the queen.  There were two knights having a jousting competition.  One child to began to take the jousting just a bit too far.  Rather than stand back watch and hope things would end up OK.  Or stop everything and single out the over jouster by telling him in front of everyone to calm down, I intervened.  I announced a short break for the jousters to everyone.  I took the overly exuberant knight by the hand away from everyone else.  I had him sit upstairs with me for five minutes to calm down.  When we came back down, I resumed the activity with simply saying we were done taking the five-minute break.

This is a perfect example of positive intervention.  No one was disciplined; no one was punished or made to feel bad in any way.  I simply intervened.  When you use positive intervention as one of your main principles of parenting you have only one course to go.  That is to create, instill, and maintain high self-esteem in your children.

What have you done lately that was positive intervention?  Why not share with others, and if you do I will personally respond back.


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