Creative Crayon Club: Activities for You and Your Teen!

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Teenage Nature Space


 What you need:

  • A sacred or special place or path in nature, close to where you live.
  • Paper, pens, paint, a camera, musical instruments, or a local tracking guide.
  • You and your teen.

What you do:

  • Find your special spot that you and your teen can call sacred in a quiet and natural environment near your house.
  • Talk to your teen about a medium of art and exploration in which he/she likes to express his or herself. If it’s poetry, you each write a poem, write a story, paint a picture, take some pictures of nature, write a song. If your child is more physically active, make up a dance or a series of movements that express how you feel, or pick up a local tracking guide and map all the tracks along your sacred path.  Whatever it is, make sure you and your teen are creatively expressing your passion about your experience in nature.
  • Then you get to share your beautiful artistic creation. You will certainly bond over the act of this authentic experience and the vulnerability of sharing it all!




Special Outing


What you need:

  • Your local newspaper or art guide.
  • Possibly some event tickets.
  • Your teen and maybe their close friends.

What you do:

  • Find a form of art that you and your teen enjoy and take them to a local concert, poetry reading, art gallery, book signing, play, dance performance, etc.

As teenagers are growing up and asserting their autonomy, one way they show their independence is by identifying with various types of artistic expression. It is nice to encourage their passions and interests in these artists to grow maturely by giving them a very special surprise or formally presenting some tickets to them, or making the event feel very special in some way. After the event, go out to ice cream and sit down to talk about the event.

Listen to your children compassionately and take them seriously because this may be a major way they express themselves.

If your child often goes to this type of event with friends, bring them along! Try to make it as authentic, meaningful, and mature an experience as possible.

These activities are straight from my own family- the kids. Whatever you do with your teens be sure to let them understand and know in their soul that you love and cherish them. Mistakes happen, then they pass. Your love is permanent.



Love your GEM teen!




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