Feedback Friday: My Kid Screwed Up in School – What Do I Do?

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My daughter is 13 and starting to care more about what her friends think is cool than what she has always cared about, like sports and science. How can I let her know that she can still be accepted even if she continues to follow her old passions?

My 15 year old son goes out skateboarding every day and he seems really into it, but his grades are slipping a bit. I don’t know if it’s just because of his change in friends and new love to skateboard or if drugs are involved. I can’t figure out how to talk to him about it without coming across as presumptuous and distrustful. Do you have any ideas?

My daughter is just finishing her first year of high school, which was a pretty big change from the 150 kids she had in her grade in middle school to the 1200 kids in her grade now. She has become very shy and withdrawn over the year, and I am worried she is closing up and losing many of her interests. What can I do to get through to her and help her open up about what’s going on?

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