Motivational Monday: My kid screwed up in school – What do I do about it?

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Welcome to GEM Parenting.

We are in the middle of Teenager Month.

This week we are going to be talking about how my kid screwed up in school, and what to do about it.  This can be anything from some major issue-failing or getting extremely low grades in school to having been a student who really strived to learn and do well to one who is still getting by, and my even be doing “well” by others’ standards, but you know they are failing internally.

You know you need to do something and understand what is going on, but you are at a loss as to what to do and why in the world is this happening.

Lets talk this Wednesday evening at

GEM Parenting Secrets to get a grip on the situation.  There are many ways of understanding your child.  My motto is, hopefully you know, Every Child is a GEM.  It will be from this approach that I am going to help you see the issues and problems of your child.

And with that in mind we are going to look and see you your love, positive intervention, and the use of parenting with passion, purpose and integrity can and will help your child turn from despondency to one with high self esteem and freedom to be excellent where ever that occurs.  To join this class please use the link below.  And follow the instructions for registration in the yellow box on the top left.  Visit my website at: 

In this hour-long teleclass I will be discussing: How the six main dilemmas facing parents of teens are also the demons that demoralize teens and preteens – making them screw up in school.

  1. Peer Pressure
  2. Media Influence and pressure
  3. Friends changing
  4. Education tracks
  5. Drugs/Sex/Alcohol/Shoplifting
  6. How to set limitations, guidelines, and still create more freedom

 When your teen screws up in school there are three main responses,

  • Wanting to really let your kid know they have screwed up and making them look at all they have ruined for themselves.
  • Ignoring that anything really happened and assuring yourself as parent that there is no real problem with your teen- It is just others and what is happening around your teen.
  • Deciding to somehow let your teen know that every one screws up. It is what you do with the screw that matters.

If you are in the last category, then this Wednesday evening’s GEM Parenting Secrets is for you. As I said, we will be looking at the mistakes and problems your teen has made from different perspectives, looking at ways to use positive intervention to help your teen develop and mature away from self demoralizing and self demeaning behaviors and toward behaviors that will instill a wonderful sense of well being that is independent of all the demands on teens these days.

Hope you will be free to join us.

Terrific Tuesday 

Come back to gain some wisdom from our expert.  Here at GEM Parenting, we really like to share views and ideas from others. 

Wednesday Wisdom

We call this Wednesday Wisdom because this is the day you get the real GEM Parenting Wisdom.  In the morning you can come check out the article that I have written.  And in the evening you can come join us for Live With Grace- GEM Parenting Secrets.

As you can see we are going on from last week where we talked about Taming the Teenager.  And incidentally, this series is still going on, so to be sure to be part of both check out Thoughtful Thursday.

We are going to look at how the same pressures and influences can have devastating results in school.  The influences are

  1. Peer Pressure
  2. Media Influence and pressure
  3. Friends changing
  4. Education tracks
  5. Drugs/Sex/Alcohol/Shoplifting
  6. How to set limitations, guidelines, and still create more freedom

Again we are expecting a lively discussion – parents of teens can be quite expressive!  If your teen or preteen screwed up in school this is THE opportunity to have your personal questions answered and elaborated upon.  If you are a teen or preteen parent of a screw up you have got to join us.  If you don’t it is not our fault when things screw up AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.  Find peace and stability for your family.  Join us.

This teleclass will be at 8:30pm eastern/5:30pm pacific.  I want to warn you, this will be filled with content, wisdom and inspiration.  We do have a nominal charge of $6.00 – it just helps us with overhead

 So you don’t need to worry about what to wear or worry about much.  A teleclass is simply a seminar done by phone and you can be on any phone from anywhere.

Thoughtful Thursday

Now if you simply can’t make the live teleseminar, we will have the podcast available for you on Thursday.  And if you are unsure of what a podcast is, it is a recording that you can down load to your computer or mp3 player.  This means you can listen to it at your leisure-while sweating away at the gym, taking a calm walk, driving wherever you go, or curled up in your jammies with a cup of relaxing tea.  And you do not actually have to listen to on Thursday.  This is the day we release it. 

 Feedback Friday

 You have got to come back because I almost always have a few more thoughts I didn’t get in or new thoughts that came to me after I was done, and of course this is the day I have answers to the question you have sent in.  Now is a really good time to send in your question about Your kid screwing up in school. 

And just to let you know, next week I am going to be talking about Prom Problems.  They are happening like wildfire all over right now.  So if you have concerns about your teen and Proms send in those questions as well.

There is no better way for me to help you than for you to send me your questions and concerns.  And that is my number one goal-help you be a happy, relaxed, reliable and responsible parent.  So please take a moment and send me your question.

And of course Saturday is

Creative Crayon Club

Here I am going to provide you with activities and ideas you can do with your teen.  These will not be how to talk about problems and issues, but how to DO things together, create things and play on a new level.  Your teen may have had problems in school so it is your duty to find ways to help your teen be a GEM in another light.  On Saturday we will be sharing things to help you find new facets in your teen GEM.

Enjoy your week!


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