Creative Crayon Club: Teenagers with Attitudes

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It’s Saturday and that means…

Creative Crayon Club

You may really wonder what in the world can I do with my obstinate teenager.  First, every time you know you are about to give up, remember this is still your baby.  Keep a baby picture around.  Look at it often.  This keeps you in perspective about whom you are dealing with.  I did this with my eldest daughter, and what an amazing result.  Then when I approached her I was loving- even if firm and disbelieving. 

A great way to get reacquainted with your teen is to start to listen to music together.  When you listen to music, be sure to keep it neutral ground.  You will like some, and hate some.  Emphasize what you like, forget what you don’t like.

Don’t forget about board games. And be sure to check out the new ones that are geared for teens.  Good old charades, twister-where you actually play.


And if you really want to stay involved with your electronic equipment get a Nintendo wii for sports or Guitar Hero for music and be sure to play with them all the time.  Family puzzles are one great way to slow down and be able to talk without actually trying to.

One last thing is a family art project- Murals and picture collages are great.  Pick a theme. Put it in a central spot and keep supplies easily available. Change the theme monthly.  Be sure the theme is teen cool, not childish and immature.  And do crafts that create real results-jewelry, clothes, and wooden shelves, paint and decorate their room with them.

Just enjoy your teenager!



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