Motivational Monday: Parenting Teens with Attitudes

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What a week this is going to be!

I know that anyone with teenagers can and does have the “attitude” issue.  I know from personal as well as professional experience.  I have a teenager right now, and I have a daughter well past being a teenager.  And of course I have worked with many, many teenagers.

So sit tight back and check out what we are going to do this week to help you to get rid of teenage attitude.

I am thrilled because I have been asked to be a guest on Tame the Teenager Series.  It will be replacing my regular GEM Parenting Secrets-Live with Grace-Wed evening program.

Check it out at:

In this hour-long teleseminar I will be discussing:

What are the six main dilemmas facing parents of teens these days?

1 Peer Pressure
2 Media Influence and pressure
3 Friends changing-
4 Education tracks
5 Drugs/Sex/Alcohol/Shoplifting
6 How to set limitations, guidelines, and still create more freedom

And I know if you have a teenager right now you have got to be worried about some or all of these dilemmas.  And if you are coming up to teenage parenting why not get acquainted with the problems before they are in your house.

Remember as a parent of a teen you may not actually like what your child is doing, but your responsibility is to nurture, protect and love your child.  And with these in action as well as mind you will help your teen learn to live with confidence, make appropriate decisions, and have reasonable self expectations.  And you will live the peace of mind that you are on top of things, not somehow lost at sea, waiting till the teen years are over, and hoping to land at a nice beach.

Terrific Tuesday 

Mark Todhunter who is hosting Tame the Teenager will be sharing his expertise about teen issues and solutions.

Wednesday Wisdom

We call this Wednesday Wisdom because this is the day you get the real GEM Parenting Wisdom.  In the morning you can come check out the article that I have written.  And in the evening you can come join us for Live With Grace- GEM Parenting Secrets.

I am really excited about this topic- Tame the Teenager- and thrilled to be a guest expert of Mark Todhunter.  I am going to share with you all about the six main dilemmas facing parents of teens these days.  Most of the answers are just what is concerning you. 

1 Peer Pressure
2 Media Influence and pressure
3 Friends changing-
4 Education tracks
5 Drugs/Sex/Alcohol/Shoplifting
6 How to set limitations, guidelines, and still create more freedom

This will be a lively discussion, with the opportunity to have your personal questions answered and elaborated upon.  If you are a teen or preteen parent you have got to join us.  If you don’t it is not our fault when things screw up and you are so lost you can’t figure how to even be in the same room with your teen. 

This teleseminar will be at 8:00pm eastern/5:00pm pacific.

To register for free and to get call in information for all four classes in May, please type your first name and email address below.

First Name:
Email Address:

And since I am the guest there is no charge for this.  (Even though our normal charge in minimal-it just helps with overhead)

And you can be anywhere with a phone, so you don’t need to worry about what to wear or worry about much.  A teleseminar is simply a seminar done by phone.

Thoughtful Thursday

Now if you simply can’t make the live teleseminar, we will have the podcast available for you on Thursday.  And if you are unsure of what a podcast is, it is a recording that you can down load to your computer or mp3 player.  This means you can listen to it at your leisure-while sweating away at the gym, taking a calm walk, driving wherever you go, or curled up in your jammies with a cup of relaxing tea.

Feedback Friday

You have got to come back because I almost always have a few more thoughts I didn’t get in or new thoughts that came to me after I was done, and of course this is the day I have answers to the question you have sent in.  Now is a really good time to send in your question about Taming the Teenager. 

And just to let you know, next week I am going to be talking about what to do if your kid did not do well in school this year.  So if you have concerns about this send in those questions as well.

There is no better way for me to help you than for you to send me your questions and concerns.  And that is my number one goal-help you be a happy, relaxed, reliable and responsible parent.  So please take a moment and send me your question.

And of course Saturday is…

Creative Crayon Club

Here I am going to provide you with activities and ideas you can do with your teenagers that will spark their imagination, make you look like a totally cool parent, build your new bond, and help you stay the responsible parent that I know you can be.





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  1. Hi, My son is 13 and has the attitude of a high schooler.He is active in soccer and working with little children. He is ADHD and screams when he is not getting his way or feels he is being confronted.He really believes his mom is the blame which I don’t believe because she tries so hard to help him with his school work. He is failing every class. What can we do here?
    Steve Gay

  2. My first thought is to get him a punching bag. When he is frustrated and wants to yell, he can use all his anger and energy at the punching bag. By giving him the punching bag you are respecting that he has real frustrations. And he needs to express them.
    Kids with ADHD need to do things physically and in doses that are in connection to their ability to concentrate at that moment. Have your son do only 15 minute spurts of home work. And stop for 15 minutes. During the stop he can demonstrate, draw, act out what he has learned. Another great thing his mom can do is to read to him, letting him doodle, move about, or seem as if he is hardly paying attention.
    Hope these ideas help. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

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