Wednesday Wisdom: Drawing in Infinite Energy to Boost Your Children’s Self-Esteem

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Drawing in Infinite Energy to Boost Your Children’s Self-Esteem


Right now we are in a new stage of understanding energy that

flows around us. This energy has actually been known about

from ancient times. But in ancient India, China, Mesopotamia,

and Africa the practitioners of using energy from our

surroundings did not need to have scientific proof that it existed.

The ancient gurus used energy to heal and even attack othersas

in the case of Voodoo dolls.


Now we have scientific evidence that there is energy around each

and every person. Pictures have been taken, and just like when

X-Rays were first invented, there are many skeptical people out



It is interesting that forever there have been people who have

been known to be somehow magical in their healing powers.

Some would do what others were doing, but then add some kind

of touch. Others simply used touch and energy transforming.

The people they came in contact with were healed.


From ancient times to modern times this touch form of healing

has amazed some and frightened others. Jesus is the most

prominent example of being able to use touch and energy

healing. He was amazing to many and feared by many. What he

did is still with us today.



This energy that Jesus used is part of the universal energy that

surrounds us all. Jesus worked hard to let each of us know that

we were all able to be part of this energy. It was a special gift to

Jesus, and his lot in life to use it and be abused for using it. But

through his works and life we are now all aware of each and

every one of us having the gift of universal energy.


I know for some, what I am saying is offensive and even

blasphemous. But I use universal energy interchangeably with

God-given energy. In reality I see no difference. Whether you

choose to use God’s energy or universal energy, the fact remains

that we all have within us the power to use the energy that

surrounds us to create either positive or negative energy.


When we harness and use this energy for positive results, we can

and do create high self-esteem for ourselves and those around

us. You can look around and find plenty of articles that teach

ways of harnessing the power of the universal energy, but the

place to start is inside your own head and heart.


The first thing to do is believe in the power of positive energy.

Let this energy flow through you and with you. As you become

aware of this energy you can then begin to use it. You can use it

to send positive energy to your family. Your children can gain

from this without you having to actually talk and teach them.

When you see that family that has the energy, you know. They

simply exude with this energy. They stand out. It is not because

of accomplishments, successes, or financial wealth. Some of

these families do not have children who are “accomplished.” The

family is not “successful” and they are not financially wealthy.

But you know they have “it”. These people are the ones that

show up in the sections of magazines where against all odds,

they accomplish the amazing. And yet they remain humble and



In your own quest to live with a positive universal energy flow,

know you have all you need now. It is part of each and every

one of us. It is the gem that we begin life with. It is the gem

that can withstand every kind of abuse and torment.

Founder of GEM Parenting

To download a printable copy of Grace’s article, please click here!


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  1. Hi,

    I would like to contribute to this knowledge:

    The images of streaming arise through repeatment.
    What is already there is being lined up with.
    The flow flows with the flow.
    The flow may consist of somethings, such as watermolecules, but the flow might also flow through or around visible subjects.
    Life energy captured in movement-stills:
    Drawing different kinds of streaming lines, eventually choosing from many kinds of fashions, techniques and materials, strongly contributes to ones ability to connect with ones inner intelligence and power.
    See, on Youtube; Channel Yatnomoyo the slideshow-movie Stream for a movie full of images of streaming. Seeing these images will help you start experiencing energy, the energy that connects worlds; creates worlds. After this you will be inspired enough too continue independently. Maybe with drawing, sketching or visualisations.
    Bye! YatnoMoyo.

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