Motivational Monday: 3 Steps to Skyrocketing Your Child’s Self-Esteem Without Saying a Word

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Hi and Welcome to GEM Parenting.


I just had a fantastic week!  My family, who are ski racers, have finished the season.  Ski racing is a sport that really binds families together, and at the same time it is very intense.  So when it is over, we get to kick back, relax, and do some of the things we have missed doing for a few months.


This week we will be have Rebbie Straubing D.C. ( as our guest expert.  She teaches a natural and simple mystical approach to daily life that anyone can use to cultivate their own direct access to the Infinite.  She draws deep insight from her experience as a chiropractor and from her understanding of the subtle energy that moves in the healing process.   She is a long time student of yoga meditation and has been a student of the teachings of Abraham-Hicks since 1993.  This is the strongest current of influence in her system.  I invited Rebbie to join us because I believe that as parents we need to help our children cut through appearances, clarify their minds, free their hearts, and nurture their souls. 


Join us, this week, to learn how Yoga of Alignment can bring high self-esteem to your family, without saying a word.


Tickle Me Tuesday

Brings you Rebbie’s article on the healing power of love.  When you read this article I really think you will see that Rebbie has a heartfelt and intuitive way about her.  Simply by reading her article you will gain the perspective of the power of love and the influence of the law of attraction.

Wisdom Wednesday

My article will be about how children and families who have the law of attraction-practiced or not-have amazing high self esteem.  These are those rare families where the parents are truly happy, the kids are successful, and there is no overwhelming stress to perform.


GEM Parenting Secrets is on Wednesday.  This weeks title is: 3 Steps to Skyrocketing Your Child’s Self-Esteem Without Saying a Word

Rebbie will be our guest speaker.  As a registered participant, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions and directly benefit from the gentle energy flow that Rebbie will teach you to use.  By the way, GEM Parenting Secrets has a new time- 8:30 pm Eastern

Thoughtful Thursday

If you are not able to be present for GEM Parenting Secrets then the podcast is the perfect answer. 3 Steps to Skyrocketing Your Child’s Self-Esteem Without Saying a Word-podcast will be released to the public.  The podcast will not be available till Thursday.


Focused Friday

Send in your questions about using YOFA and law of attraction to raise the self esteem of your children today so that we can give you feedback by Friday.  You may email your questions to


Creative Crayon Club

Come join us for some activities and new products to help your family have better energy flow that will skyrocket high self esteem in your children.


And have a wonderful week.




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