Transcendent Tuesday: Family Safety

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Is Hiding Our Heads in the Sand Really Working For Us?

By Kelly Rudolph
“Your Personal Safety Trainer™”

Many of us refuse to learn about safety out of fear, opting instead to hide our heads in the sand in denial. It is true that all of us are vulnerable to unscrupulous people just waiting to exploit our weaknesses. Attackers may be 4-year-old bullies in preschool, verbally abusive teens, co-workers or neighbors. They may be purse-snatchers, car jackers, rapists or murderers. When we take our heads out of the sand long enough to realize that they all have one thing in common that is easy to spot, we’ll all be safer…forever!

The attacker mindset is the same no matter who is attacking. In fact, we’ve all been attackers ourselves when we called someone a name or made a joke at someone’s expense. Gossiping and road rage are attacking as well. We tend to think of attacks as physical, don’t we? But domestic violence is always preceded by verbal abuse: name calling, demeaning comments, etc. This breaks down the intended victim’s confidence and self-esteem until they believe, in many cases, they deserve the physical abuse. Attacking can be physical, verbal, mental or emotional.

Understanding the attacker mindset often allows us to see an attack coming a mile away and at the very least avoid taking it personally. Did I say, “Avoid taking it personally?” It is a fact that attacks are not personal even if the attacker knows the victim. The reason someone attacks is simple. They are insecure, have low self-esteem, feel out of control of their own life and choose to control someone else in order to feel powerful again. It’s that simple. The pay-off is feeling powerful and it’s all about the attacker getting that reward. If the attacker chooses to attack someone he or she knows it might be because it’s easier if they already know which buttons to push. Remember attacks are all about the attacker, not about the victim. The victim is just a means to an end. This knowledge is vital to the healing process of survivors.

So hiding our heads in the sand prolongs our vulnerability and prevents us from gaining the necessary confidence that scares off cowardly attackers in the first place. Take control of your personal space, safety and life by holding your head up instead of burying it. 

Kelly Rudolph has taught thousands of men, women and children how to prevent themselves from becoming victims and how to defend themselves when necessary.

Enjoy our Free Motivational Monday Podcast on Family Safety!

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Just think…for less than a trip to McDonalds (only $7.99), you can make your family safer!


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  1. You know I tends to disagree with a lot of debate about all of this. But what you said made sense. Enjoying your blog and Ill check back to see any of your updates.



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