KidSites: Internet Safe Activities for Kids

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As January is the safety month, we at Gem Parenting have looked at internet safety as one part of real family safety.

  • This weekend take time to be sure you have the right controls for your kids use.
  • Learn how to monitor what has been done on the computer.
  • Be sure you are aware of what your kids do on line and
    how much time they spend on line.  One good measure is through the “A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety” brochure published by the FBI task force on Internet Safety and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

I really want you to take some time to be sure you and your children are fully aware of the dangers of the Internet.  When you know the dangers of things then you can be wary of them.

When I was a kid,  there were conversations about how to monitor TV and all that was available there.  With the web there is much more available, both good and bad.  But there is no need to panic.  Be sensible, realistic, and respectful. 


As far as finding great things to do on line here is my favorite sites  There are all kinds of wonderful things to do and none of them are about printing worksheets to do.

You can follow this link to a ton of great things for children to do on the web:  Kid Safe Internet Activities

If you know of great safe sites then PLEASE let me know.  Just send in a comment or, if you prefer, you can always write directly to

Dont forget:  Our weekly GEM Parenting podcast for the week, “Keeping your Kids Safe on the Internet” is only $5.99 for a full hour of information, tips, and guidance on the best practices for making sure your kids stay safe online.  Dont wait….order your podcast today!


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  1. Great site, thanks for the link. I am a mother of three and am always looking for ways to keep my children safe. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Keeping our kids safe is a goal we all share! Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  3. This is a great sight. I am also great full for the info. I myself like the scholastic sight. You may have already tried it but if not, then theres a recommendation.

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